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Welcome to the world, the world of joy, happiness, all emotions good and bad not so good, all feelings nice and warm.
I love you more than anything. I've been loving you ever since we knew about you and even before that. So you can only imagine how much I am going to fuss over you! 
Let you be our reason to laugh when we want to, cry when we feel like and sleep when we’d wish to. Let you be our reason to watch some really interesting cartoons, explore the animal kingdom and build an aircraft using those cool building blocks. Let you be our reason to cherish simple things, appreciate everything and learn something new always. Let you be our reason to never give up, rise when we fall and try harder the next time. Let you be our reason to love unconditionally and to live uninhibitedly.
All I wish for you to be is stubborn. Stubborn to do the right thing. Stubborn to be better person. Stubborn to not get lost in the hustle and bustle. Stubborn to withhold your freedom( I can almost s…