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Welcome to the world, the world of joy, happiness, all emotions good and bad not so good, all feelings nice and warm.
I love you more than anything. I've been loving you ever since we knew about you and even before that. So you can only imagine how much I am going to fuss over you! 
Let you be our reason to laugh when we want to, cry when we feel like and sleep when we’d wish to. Let you be our reason to watch some really interesting cartoons, explore the animal kingdom and build an aircraft using those cool building blocks. Let you be our reason to cherish simple things, appreciate everything and learn something new always. Let you be our reason to never give up, rise when we fall and try harder the next time. Let you be our reason to love unconditionally and to live uninhibitedly.
All I wish for you to be is stubborn. Stubborn to do the right thing. Stubborn to be better person. Stubborn to not get lost in the hustle and bustle. Stubborn to withhold your freedom( I can almost s…

We've come a long way.

From two rogue lovers, to wife and husband and now to going-to-be-best :D parents, we've come a long way...
From counting money in our pockets before deciding to eat out to building dreams and realizing them one at a time, we've come a long way...
From hearing to the other only through some medium to waking up smiling at each other, we've come a long way... <3
From two teenagers who were hesitant to talk to each other to moving into the home we love a place where we are going to build many more  beautiful memories, we come a long way...

Looking forward to spending the rest of life, every moment of it cherishing and celebrating us, because we have a long way to go and I couldn't be happier

Thank you for your love. I Love you my dear husband, :-*


I love him when he is ugly and beautiful...
I love him when he is calm and anxious...

I love him when he is happy and sad...
I love him when he is low and up...

I love him when he is kind and cruel..
I love him when he is angry and atpeace..

I'll love him when he'll be 80 and old..
I'll love him when he'll be weak and needs help..

I'll love him always as I love him today..
I'll love him until my last breath and after that...


P.S I hear him snoring right now, all the more reason to land a peck!


Insane. All the posts of 2014 fit in just one page. Why? Because I've written only two!

It's been a tremendously busy year  and I can't curse myself for not writing as often I am used to. I would like to write more often now, because there is tomorrow and the hope prevails.

It's been a tremendously busy year( yes, I know. I am repeating). I wanted to get over with my school work and hence decided to take 16 credits! Yes 16! So to graduate with a 3.9( I missed 4.0 by the tiny possible bit) I worked my butt off, I have no idea how I did it, but I did it. Why can't I just enjoy being normal? Why do I love to bite more than I can chew? Anyways, the family was here for the graduation. I was very emotional during the ceremony (especially when they asked the spouse to stand up for an applause) and did not thank Sravan enough yet. Honestly, if it wasn't for him I could not have achieved this feat.

I thought, finding a job will be the easy part. Who wouldn't like hi…

On Turning 30

So someone(read as I) turned 30 on almost the last day of September.  When August's almost up, I usually get excited that birthday (month) is here, although I have to wait until the end of September to actually celebrate it. So unfair, I might as well say I'm born in October. Anyways, that is me at 30. I've been here for three decades and I can no longer call myself a 20 something. Honestly I am pretty okay with that.
Before we go ahead, here what comes to my mind when I think of my childhood

 The grand celebration of my siblings ear piercing (karnavedha) ceremony and being d-e-a-d scared of the day when it'd be my turnhaving a heavy lunch during dussera and getting extremely worried( that is still an understatement) that my stomach is going to break open my dad resting on an armchair after a fight on a summer afternoonthe song my mom and I used to sing, I remember the singer, she used in sing on Doordarshan. Couple of weeks ago, my mom searched for that video in YouTub…