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How do you get over losing someone?

One of my best friends passed away in 2004. I didn't believe it when a friend broke the news and still don't. I am in denial. But when someone talks about her passing away, I feel rage and anger. Over whom? I do not know.This is so unfair. I never have and never will get over her. She's in my dreams. Sometime, I  change my writing to replicate hers, I look at the things she gave me. I talk to her in my dreams and I ask why does everyone say you are dead. I sometime feel the reality is dream and the dream is actually the reality and she would walk into my home someday to tell the fools who think she is no more than she is alive and kicking. I don't think I will ever stop believing that.

We fought, we were mean to each other, she was more mean to me that me being mean to her, but the other fact is that she didn't let anyone else be mean to me and if they were, god help them, we spoke almost everyday and always had tons to talk and laugh about. I would complain about …

and it continues...

With  some progress on some certain things, I wanted to write about  and for the title of which, I was thinking.
Good times ahead I thought would be good. But then  I took a step back and looked at the big picture, are these not the good times. Scratched it.

Happy times ahead? Well, are we in the sad times now?

And so, I came to this one and it continues...