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We don't curse him anymore

When I and Sravan were in Florida, we got our portrait made. The dramatic artist who made it and his expressions when doing the piece were so impressive, I really thought a really great art was in the making. "Could you show me your ear rings and your hair, oh yeah that's perfect".  And I did all that he asked with so enthusiasm, you won't believe.

When we got to see the portrait, I was like are you sure this is done. I tried hard to hide my disappointment because that guy was so excited, I didn't want to hurt him. An art is an art is an art.

We have in put up in our home. Won't hurt. Friends who visit, can't believe its us. There were jokes around it. We laughed with them. Quiet honestly I was laughing at the artist. Few curses were added to the joke in a flow.

Then comes the nephew, hardly 30 months young. As a norm we asked even him if he recognizes the people in the portrait, he takes one good and quick look at it and says "Sravan babai and china…


The consequences of jetlag
You find yourself eyes wide open and awake at 3 AM.
You clean the entire home before you mom wakes up.
When you mom wakes up at 6 AM you make  sure you do everything to make you seem normal and not some mentally challenged person who is just roaming around the home from 1 AM.
Though you are in India, you think twice before calling anyone in India because you think its too late for them.
You have 6 courses of meal a day. 3 for each timezone.

Humor, such a necessity!

It was my sister's wedding last month and it was the most beautiful wedding I've even been to. Everything was so perfect.
Everyone in the family tried to do everything they can to make it so. One certain morning, Sravan went to get mango leaves to decorate the home for the event that was going to happen that day. Something strung him when he was bending the branch, the pain stayed with him for few minutes and as he says the pain started crawling all over his arm. When he returned home, everyone in the family got hysterical and I was dumbstruck. All kept suggesting me to take him to hospital right away. I had no other choice but to oblige, but if it was left to me I would have waited for some more time and then taken action. I didn't talk to him, neither did he. I was kind irritated with him not being little careful and everyone else for pushing me, coming with me would help. But nope they didn't even bother to ask. Take your phone someone called out. I said I don't…

I have so much to do

I am kind-of feeling disappointed with me for everything little thing.  I don't think I am reaching the expectations that I have set for myself. I don't make breakfast everyday for the husband, I think I should be up and ready to help with he is busy getting ready to office, I am lazy when doing the dishes or cleaning or the laundry. I have no idea what can I do to make me happy When it comes to school work, I do have loads to do sometimes. But with the habit of constant procrastination until the neck of the moment I don't do stuff. I feel so frustrated when at the end of the day I see nothing being accomplished by me. I also think my life is walking, nope, running backwards.

I feel like going to gym regularly, workout, to be fit. I don't do it. I wanted to start driving. I didn't yet. And I can't count the number of hours, days, years, and rupees I spent in learning guitar with no progress at all. And I can't say I know guitar yet. I am so hopeless when it…

In an illusion that I have nothing to write

I'm not blogging at all. I realized that I do have, but somehow I feel every topic I want to write about will end with something related to marriage. I don't want to write anything that put things up for judgement by random people. Therefore I kind of stopped writing. The reason I started this blog was for me. So I think making this closed with access only to me will keep the blog alive.