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Ellen DeGeneres!

I love this woman!
She is 50 something,  dances better than a 20 something! Need I say more? Nope. Watch this!

Stress. It's good.

Well, sometimes.
Do you have something in your life, to avoid which you would do anything? like, may be go to another planet and to a different planet from there (just to lose the trail incase it was following you)if you know that's going to help? I have quite a handful of them and yet the more I try to avoid that road, things just turn out miraculously and there I'm doing exactly what I avoided, for whatever reason, to do. There was one that topped the list and I'm definitely not surprised to announce that I stroke it off.
I gave some certain examinations way back in 2006. I wasn't ready though, for things that might follow. I thought I'd be lost, I was sure I cannot(bold that and color it red) do it. What? me? I said to myself, and when I got a job I was so relieved. Now and then my family broached the topic and I very smartly sometimes not very smartly pushed the topic far far away.
 Guess what, I am right here, right now doing what I avoided doing so much. I fo…

Nothing is fair

Nobody is compelled to do things fair. By the way who is anyone to decide what is fair and what's not?  What goes around, comes around. Really? Has anyone thought about this. What good you give do you  really get that good back. nope. What bad you give do you get that bad back nope. Is everything predefined and set out in stone. If yes, then what we do, how we react shouldn't have no effect on what is going to happen next. no? But if nothing is predefined, what is destiny?
I've been taking Game of Thrones pretty seriously. Seriously. All my favorite characters are put to sleep and very ruthlessly. People who are good, who try to be honest most of the times and true to what they do, not killing or harming anyone unless they are compelled to do so, all such people are dead.
All this had made me question life in general. I got so many questions back as answers.


I am for most days every week. It's one part of the body or the other which plans to given up on me every now and then.
From the head to big toe almost every part of me have thrown tantrums and now it's the back bone and its quite severe.
We had an doctor appointment which I postponed(lazy me couldn't get up early to get ready) and now the earliest we could find is after two weeks.
I write this post laying flat on the bed and not sure what is going to start to ache by the time I finish this post. Excuse me, pulling a pillow.
10 minutes later. I had to think of a strategy to pull the pillow nearer to my head without straining my backbone. All that just took 10 mins.
I plan to write all day today. Yes I plan to but I am not sure if I can truly adhere to it.( already have second thoughts about it and a plan to sleep)


Dear Journal

Dear Journal,
I know I am supposed to be writing about the chapters which are going to be discussed in today's class but I'm sorry I cannot contribute anything today.
By which I mean to say I can , I just don't want to. I mean I can write about lot of other things but not about today's lecture or the topics that would be discussed today.
I have a very bad allergy and it is hard for me to blink without sneezing leave along blinking, thinking,reading and writing along with sneezing. All my energies are now focused on giving out a full blown sneeze because otherwise my nose aches when I try to suppress the sneeze. So no matter where I am I try to give my 100% when it comes to sneezing. I wish I will be able to sneeze enough in the class today, enough to make my professor say "oh poor girl why don't you go home and don't have to come to the next class too."

P.S. Just for the heck of it.