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Benefit of Doubt

How often do you give someone benefit of doubt. Does it depend on your perception of that person? What if that someone is a stranger?
I giving benefit of people depending on what I think of them. If they are worth it or not. I did sometimes give benefit of doubt to lot of people every though they went beyond the threshold. I thought they still deserved some. And for some, I didn't, though they are worth it.

We were at movies recently, that being the first show of the movie, the theatre was almost full and had only limited seating available. There were two seats adjacent seats in the bottom but one row. I stood by the empty seats trying to contemplate the situation. Should we go for the next show or should we sit in good single seats in different rows. We decided we would sit together and turned to the seats I was standing by. I saw a sweatshirt spread across the two seats. I asked the lady, is there someone here, and she said yes, sorry. We left that spot wondering why didn't …