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Critical Crucial April

Critical, Crucial doesn't do enough justice to all that is going on in this April.
A month or so now from today, I will know what the rest of this year is going to be like and what the future holds. That being the most critical part, there are a million other small things that are going to wrap up this month, well, almost wrap up.
I want the things to be in certain way and things to work out. And therefore just the thoughts bring nervous chill, my head aches of the fear and exasperation, my heart pounds.
The reason I wanted to write it down inspite of having an impending examination and presentations (on of the reason why my heart pounds) in next few hours, because I want to check back this when things figure out.


P.S. I wish I wasn't thinking. Thinking the thing just next to impossible for me. Well, let the things be.