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Realization and let me know!

I am going to make this quick because I need to go pack for the weekend trip.
So I realized while folding my clothes and watching "The New Adventures of Old Christine", the reason why my writing was deteriorating, according to my standards. I better put it down. These actions weren't instrumental in making me realize. I realized that though I blog I really don't want to write everything out there, so in an effort to be honest to myself and yet to not really put down everything, the post at the end is turning out to be awkward.
Therefore I'm doing this. I'm letting my blog open to only few people. Sorry.
Just in case you want to visit let me know. Comment me your email address(I'm not going to publish those comments)

Happy Weekend!

Delusionally happy.

There was one particular email address of mine, actually three of them which I'm not using anymore, I last used them around '08 or '07 I guess.  So I was working on retrieving passwords. There is x email address which has the recovery email address as y. So when I want to change password because I obviously can't remember the password of email x, the email was going to y. And ofcourse I don't remember the password of y. All this because I don't remember the netbanking password of the bank which has x as the email address. I once wrote down all the passwords and lost that paper. Anyho, I finally figured out the way out. Each mailbox had around 4k emails. My OCD has urged me to cleanup and therefore I did, at the end of which, I found very clean inboxes and also that I was delusional.

For starters, I usually ended the sentence with "Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........"for every person who has graduated from the level, stranger. Don't miss the "…