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After just this one thing, I won't want anything.

From more than an year, all things are so going my way. Touchwood. I checked quite a few milestone off my list. Touchwood again. Well, not all, I've never won a game of monopoly and am still not. Putting that aside, I got married, I got good scores which helped me get into a good university, the same one as my sister's. There are more. When I think of it all this making me more greedy.The more I get the more I want.
The other day, I didn't prepare for my mid term examination and I didn't want to go to school. There was a warning about a storm looming the state. For a day, I religiously followed all weather channels, prayed for the school to close. I said to myself again, for the nth time, just this one thing and I don't, won't want anything.  Just hours before the school starts I saw the alert on the school's website. "The classes are cancelled" I was so very happy. The professor did mail about having a Take at home version of the exam. What? no! …

Being a non-meatarian..

is tough in this mean world.
I wanted to blog. With no ideas' stream strong enough to flow I  close the browser and move to FB. Then I move to the husband's FB( Yeah, I check his FB, sometimes. No, I'm lying, I actually check it everyday more than mine :D He does have some interesting friends who post some interesting things to read). I read a certain person's status "It been 11 years since I turned vegetarian..." And there you go I got the topic to write.
I turned vegetarian around July in 1997. My parents were not very happy, my mother tried to tempt me with some very delicious dishes couple of times. But I didn't budge. They didn't want their kid to do something like that at such young age.In the beginning I didn't share the reason with anyone. I thought they wouldn't get the severity of the situation that made a 12 year old vow to not eat meat ever again. In the recent years, I've been sharing the reason. I go on like this.. "so..…

Happy Valentine's day!

I always remind my husband the month-anniversary(couldn't find a better word) of our wedding day.
Me: Today is 15th
Him: mmm
Me: Today is 15th, remember 15th
Him: Yeah! (very skeptically) Should we celebrate?
Me: nothing just reminding you.

He did send me flowers and gifts for the first few months and then, I think, he thought that is good enough for the rest of the year.

He never misses gifting me on valentine's day. But because we are married now and now that we are together and that the mission is accomplished, I thought this day is just going to go normal.

He came on 13th evening with surprises. We had a lovely time sipping champagne with strawberries and chocolates and watching chick flick. He couldn't take the chick flick part for too long so we switched to Batman.

On 14th morning, I found jewelry arranged beautifully on the table. I loved it! It was such a pleasant thing to see first thing in the morning.

Well I think this proves we are still not the husband and the…