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Relationships and Conflicts.

I get an ice cream and eat all of it. Get another one and eat all of it and this continues until the sight of that particular ice cream irritates me. As I keep eating, there are not very good thing about the ice which I come across. But after few iterations of this, the bad just overtakes the good and I see just the bad and don't want any of it inspite of the good.Though lame, I wished to start with this story because, I feel the same about few people and the relation we share, and hence somewhere down the lane I sever the relation.
I paused for five minutes and invested a good amount of time to think through this, have I made any new friends in the last few years. Acquaintance? Yes, millions (metaphorically expressing), Friends? Nope. And when I come to think of this, the last good good friend I made was in 2007 (or was it in 2010?) It is not that I didn't get chances or meet people worthy of spending time with, it's just that my experiences have blocked me from taking th…

Excuse me, I have a schedule to follow

I always believed in doing things in systematic and planned way. So when I was at school, and when the exams were in the near future, I used to draw a schedule. Read this subject today, eat for so and so minutes, sleep at so and so time, take a break for some x minutes at some y time. After drawing the schedule, comes the time to practice. So, the next moment,  I try to see my time table, it says time to sleep or break. I scratch my head and think of making amendments. But I don't, I go on a break, I keep checking on the watch to see if the break is over.Now, something comes up. I seriously don't know why everything seems to be important when I need to study. Why does the universe conspire against me? I once sat with my grandmother and learnt all the names of our ancestors she could remember. When it's time to read a particular subject, it either turns out to be the one which I have already read or the one which is the last exam and there are so many subjects I haven't…

Lesson to Practice

1 AM, couldn't sleep and I get hungry. I could no longer try to fall asleep.
I go to the kitchen, heat the left over dinner, eat, wash it down with water and get back to the task of falling asleep.

3 AM, couldn't sleep and I get hungry again, I could no longer try falling asleep.
I go to the kitchen, fill a glass to the brim with milk, drink it and get back to the task of falling asleep.

4:20 AM, couldn't sleep, and I get hungry(nothing new), I could......
I don't go to kitchen, because there is nothing that interests me enough to have the dinner for the third time on the same night.

As I couldn't fall asleep( with a hungry stomach it is beyond impossible), I think of solutions if I face this predicament again. I think I'll get my favorite food and freeze them. Whenever I'm hungry and awake during owl-active-time, I'll eat them. There can't be any better win win situation. I'm so proud of myself.



it was until someone mentioned, hey that's a cute snow-boy. Actually it really wasn't even a 'boy', it was more like an infant or because he is standing up may be a toddler.
We partied until 4:30 AM on new year's eve. Woke up to the new year to find a bright day even more brighter with the snow around.We got in our snow gear went downstairs and got this snow cutie ready. It was exciting and I'm looking forward to make a bigger one as soon as we have enough snow around. This time it was just few inches and we had to scrap the snow to build one this big.
We went out every now and then, corrected the hat, checked the twigs and also looked around if any kid is messing with our boy. Four days later, the snow around has melted, the grass is green and our snow-boy.. Well. So long.