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An attempt to get it out of my system

A wise man, wait a minute, men are always wise, aren't they? So let me rewrite, a man once advised me "When talking to men make sure to not hurt their ego". Though I promptly rejected putting that advice to action, I wondered( and still do), how easy it is for a man to expect a woman not to be superior, deliberately or not. Not values, not principles, not honesty, not integrity, not respect, just ego, the most important asset.

Go on participate in the hullabaloo that happens after every rape of woman that goes viral all through the nation. You know just the ones which gain the nation's attention.  But in reality, from the point the woman steps out of home and until she reaches the place she is supposed( on a side note there in a high probability of not reaching that place with peace of mind and one piece) to reach there are many little jibes, mockerys, slurs, remarks, 'advice',leer, sly and insults she has to endure.  When I come to think of it, all of this t…


I wanting to check the mascara(Who knew that, there would be a day in future where I and mascara or anything related to makeup would be mentioned in the same line) in the rear-view mirror of the car.
Changed the alignment of the mirror. Checked the mascara Sravan says, Excuse me? Can you put it back? I'm driving here. I put the mirror back to its original alignment, guesstimation put to work here . He was surprised that I put it exactly in the right position. Perfect. I don't leave this moment of victory and in all my glory I go on like this.. You know what? the word perfect was coined after my birth. For that matter anything that comes around perfect too, like perfection, perfected,( I should have stopped here) perfecting.. (and the damage is done)
Sravan quips, Perfecting? that is true.

Between conversations...

Small things make huge differences, I used to write this all over my desk between classes or when the class was in progress. I was very philosophical back then. The later years of mechanical life have diminished the effect of philosophy on me.
I and Sravan were out to run an errand and I was mysteriously feeling hungry as soon as we were out of our home. We went to a place ordered tomato cream soup(dear veggies, broccoli cheddar soup has chicken stock), we played with the soup for sometime not letting the other get the fried bread. I was having more fun in playing with it rather than eating it. But then, people who were having a peaceful time were disturbed by our loud laughs and we had to stop, we had to stop also because in this war of soup the soup itself was in jeopardy. We finished the soup and were talking and talking and talking about things that happened a week ago, month ago, years ago and one particular thing that happened may be a decade ago. And some where between the conv…