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I've known this women from time immemorial.Though she is always on my mind, I particular think of her atleast thrice each day and each time thinking how little she was appreciated for the amount of work and energy she used to put in taking care of a home. It's because I'm just starting to realizes how much effort goes into taking care of a home.
I see her as a firmly opinionated woman. She wouldn't step down, even if not doing so made her to be pictured as mean.I always wondered that, a lot of things could have be avoided if only she was not as firmly opinionated woman that she is. But now I get it, why should she?
She gave her whole life to her family who I don't think appreciated as much as she deserved. Why did she have to cook, clean, wash, groom, take care of the family? Only because she is woman? Does that mean that the job is easy for her? She almost had a career, a government job, but she wasn't encouraged I guess.And with no prejudiced, I say, she is a…

Life of Pi( the movie)

After the movie I asked Sravan, what would you have done if you were Pi?
I can't swim, so, I don't think I would have survived.

I asked myself, what would I have done? I wouldn't have had stepped out of bed to witness the ferocious storm and therefore would have been swept off by water into the ocean.( and of course I can't swim)

When  I was reading the book Life of Pi, I kept losing the track. The language Pi uses while narrating the story was intriguing, yet it was too complex for a dont-want-to-think-much-when-reading-kinda-book. In the movie, Pi many years after the survival, narrates the story to a writer who was sent by his uncle from India where the writer was living to write a book, not on India but one on Portugal.

Each one might perceive the movie in a different way. Brave is what I take. Brave is not just in fighting a war, but also in doing what you want to do. Be it, explaining the name to people for numerous time in a day until they get it, or trying to k…

Taking cover

Scene: me playing Call of Duty.
My gang leader in the game says  "Take cover, Take cover"
Hysterically, I move here and there
I shout at Sravan "this fellow is asking me to take cover, where should I take cover"

It's in your pocket, take it out and put it over you.

The (fantastic) granola bars

I started working out lately and as soon as I reach home after the gym time, I get so tired. I lay on the sofa and don't get up. Nothing gives me the boost to get up than food and food only. So I decided to make granola bars. They are not only healthy, but give instant energy too. Thanks to the nuts! The ones I made  turned out so well that I instantly wanted to post. Try it and let me know! A recipe so simple nothing can go wrong even if you try.

Oats flakes (one cup)
peanuts( or whatever nuts you feel like adding)
brown sugar
butter( the binding agent)
honey( 2-3 teaspoons)
Being short of variety of nuts I added a handful of this cereal.

Mix all the ingredients and spread them over a greased baking pan. Pop it in the oven at 350 degree.

Take them out after fifteen minutes. Let them cool down. Cut a small bar. Taste it and thank me! :)

I'm posting a picture to woo you into trying them. Don't be lazy, come on!