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When someone takes an abrupt and indefinite break from work, they may go into a cocoon of self pity. The same someone may feel lost because the title they had at workplace was their most possessed identity. And when the someone leaves work, the most cherished is lost. Fortunately, I'm didn't become that someone.
Thanks to the exorbitant salaries engineers get in the software industry, I've seen worked with people who come to work to earn and only to earn. I always wondered, why don't they utilize their time in doing things they would love to do. I only wondered and never imposed the thought because, what they do is none of my business, you see. A manager said to me "You have so much passion in the work you do that you can shine whenever you go and whatever you do". But, never did I think that there would be a time  where I would be forced to suppress my passion and be indifferent to everything and get cozy with "I'll do only what I can".(I wrote …

Memories of English Vinglish

As soon as I was out of the movie I wrote this on FB "Though the word laddoo was mentioned more than English, I couldn't stop admiring Sridevi. 'Returning back' home I was thinking if there is anything I didn't like about the movie.. I'm still thinking."

Actually None!

From the day I saw the movie, the thread of thought to write more about the movie was running in the mind. I was looking for some terrific words to explain how I felt during and after the movie. However, none of the terrific words go quite well. The reason of-course is it's a Balki kinda one and hence its simple. For example, I can't say it's mind-blowing  because it frankly was not. It was a simple movie with all things done just right.

English Vinglish, doesn't blow your minds out, but forces you to relate to things because it has so many of them(or at least I felt so) and once you do so, you smile and keep smiling, like I did. Shashi runs a small business apart from takin…

This is how it is done

The husband craves for Chicken Biryani all through Saturday. So we go to the store on Sunday. But we find Chicken unavailable. The disappointed husband and the happy me (meatless kitchen Yay!). But not for too long. We grab available lamb, help an arabic women who wasn't sure if she wants or wants not yogurt and get home.
The NO football game starts in the evening. The husband starts cooking and watches football in between. NO won after 4 losses. He is rated as the best cook by almost all his friends who tasted his food and to his surprise the biryani turned out to be a disaster and he hated it instantly. Yet he gulps the piece of art which took almost 4 hours to make.
The next day, I watched all the videos several times to know the ingredients, get them and start cooking but not before watching all the available videos several times again. I know one of them by heart now.