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Barfi : Love. Be Happy.

Don't we feel sorry for people who are dumb or deaf? Guess what, Barfi knows how to have fun and makes you feel sorry for yourself because he knows to be happy anyways.
The movie starts with the Charlie Chaplin-ish Ranbir Kapoor known as Barfi(instead of Murphy because he can't just pronounce it so) being chased by a police officer for his misdeeds. He sees Shruthi(Ileana) and falls for her. When she says she is engaged after he 'puts' his heart, he asks her to wave a hand of friendship.  Ileana starts liking him more than a friend, and that is when her mother makes her realize that being practical is important to move ahead in life. And so, Shruthi and Barfi part their ways, but not before Barfi puts out his teary emotional goodbye. Barfi, meets his rich childhood friend Jhilmil(PC) who has autism. She gets kidnapped and Barfi saves her and tries to get Rs. 7000 as ransom for his father's operation. Alas, not all things turn out well, but eventually there is a hap…

A Facet A Day

We doing our favorite pastime which is arguing ta-da!
No lets take those
No lets take these
No, I think this better.
No, I don't think that is better

I finally give in
Okay, let's do the way you want. Are you happy?
No, You are bobby

I draw my brows and think. It took me a full minute to perceive that.
He is in sound sleep; me, the night owl staring out of window.
I put a hand over him
He takes my fingers and caresses them
I think of checking if he is awake, but the thoughts are blown away by the snores.
He was asleep and still caressing my fingers.

I must say you really earned some points there

Why are there more birthday in Sep and Oct
People are more fertile during colder seasons, and so there are more birthdays in Sep and Oct

Disappointed and with a drawn…