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Time to explore

and put my print on every possible thing. Therefore I started to bake too!
The batter. When I want to do something, I look around and find things to do it right then. I can't wait to go and shop for things. So I made the batter from what little was available at home.

Turns out, this is the best batter I've ever tasted.
There used to be a bakery called St. Mary's bakery near our school. They had the awesomest light yellow color biscuits. The first bite of these cookies just rewinded me to that spot. Exactly like the critic in Ratatouille ;)

A roundup

Being busy from last couple of months has disconnected me from my best friend. This blog. Now that I'm done doing, I'm back and I need to put down all the thoughts that went from Feb to August.
The '12 Feb
Visiting the US of A on work was on the checklist. By hook or crook that item is now checked.  Feb '12 was the month, I met my nephew for the first time. My sister made sure ( from what I had from her, she was planning the reception for a long time) she embarrassed me good enough. For this she got a placard which said "Welcome to Seattle" which is the only best part. She had a hawaii garland with lavender flowers and to top it of she was dancing. Get the picture. As it was too much to grasp for someone who is looking for a cart to carry the luggage, when I saw her, for a second I was wondering who is that desi dancing in an airport. I felt all the drama that was involved felt totally worth it the moment I saw my nephew. I don't think I ever saw anything…