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The response was...

as sweet as an Ice cream - Oreo Shake with a topping of Whipped cream and a Cherry :)

We were back from a movie and were retiring to sleep when I told him that today is July 15th.
Is it?
Let's go
Where? It's almost 1 AM.
Chalo lets go
He pulled me from the bed, threw a jacket and pushed me out of the home.

We went to this place which according to him (until then) had the most awesomest shake. We had a ice cream shake and returned home.
The next day( that is day part of july 15th) he made a fantastic meal( idli, chutney and dinner). And the bonus point, the kitchen wasn't messy! (Well, I wasn't nagging as often I do, so as a result he had a peaceful time making dinner)