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The second life

No more counting down, up, sideways the days
We've just started our ride together to eternity.


We give our opinions
We state our points.
We prove our points.
We argue defending our points.
We fall silent.
We give our opinions again
Listen to each other
Explain the point
We agree on one common ground.
That is how this life had been so far.


The common ground, the husband is reluctantly making sure is more to my side :)

Train tales

Traveling? Train's never the answer for the innumerable reasons which doesn't include the loo/toilet category yet.
But when you have to, you know, you have to. So I had to too. I had the AC reservation. So no sweat I thought. I want to mention that it was ironic to the degree which I don't even want to write about.
This post isn't how bad the train travel turned out( I had to put this line down because that is how it is turning out to be). Its about the people I've met and the experience I had.
I don't want to settle down on feeble words here because that is definitely not how the last experience has been. I feel like puking if I think about the bad part now, but the wondrous part brings a smile. I didn't know I could run all the way down the platform with two heavy bags hung on me. I am shit scared of eunuch. But who would have guessed, when the train was just about to start in few mins an eunuch would help find the compartment I was running around to find…

Perfect's the word

for the way the wedding turned out.
Everything that went on that day delighted me. Every little thing. Now that it's been more than a  month, I can hardly remember the flushed out finer details, which I attribute to the series of actions that dropped between the wedding day to today.

After a month of the martial bliss, I got greetings for the husband. 1 month, I wonder :)