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Counting days...

on the finger tips! We are almost there!. Time sure does fly. Example #125

Planning the wedding is tough. We know the huge tasks that go into make the wedding perfect, but there are few little tiring details that would give a fine finish :) I don't want to miss them and so far made sure not to. I've got help though, enough to pull this. But there are too many opinions, and diving through them to make my point is more tougher. But yes, I am doing the things I want and doing them in the way I want. It is fun and exhausting, somedays we accomplish so much and some days just pass by as we work on the plan for the day.
All said, I want him to come soon and take over, so that I can have a lazy(and by lazy I mean, a sloth like laziness) week before the wedding. Sleep, eat and trouble people. Bliss. Not sure if he has the same plan though :P

Everytime I step into doing something big, quite a number of  business ideas strike me. The big thing gets over and the ideas get evaporated. Now…