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I'm getting married!!

I'm getting married!! Yay!
As I recall, when I first met him, he was the nicest and sweetest guy I've ever come across.  After more than 8 years today, I am proud to say the statement still holds true to this second.

Disclaimer: I always feared and still fear that the best of him cannot be put in just words and never wrote about him. Therefore if whatever you read from now doesn't sound best, please feel free to blame it on my inability. When it's about him, I am at loss of words :) always.

I said this to myself, many years back ago when we were moving from the acquaintanceship to friendship,  "it would be nice to know which lucky girl would get to be with him?" Now we know who that is. :)

He by my side, and I have no worries. He by my side, my brain switches off from the thinking mode to idle mode. He pampers me and that made me more stubborn. He anywhere near me, I'm always overboard :) . He around me, I don't need anything and  care about nothing. …