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An attempt to get it out of my system

A wise man, wait a minute, men are always wise, aren't they? So let me rewrite, a man once advised me "When talking to men make sure to not hurt their ego". Though I promptly rejected putting that advice to action, I wondered( and still do), how easy it is for a man to expect a woman not to be superior, deliberately or not. Not values, not principles, not honesty, not integrity, not respect, just ego, the most important asset.

Go on participate in the hullabaloo that happens after every rape of woman that goes viral all through the nation. You know just the ones which gain the nation's attention.  But in reality, from the point the woman steps out of home and until she reaches the place she is supposed( on a side note there in a high probability of not reaching that place with peace of mind and one piece) to reach there are many little jibes, mockerys, slurs, remarks, 'advice',leer, sly and insults she has to endure.  When I come to think of it, all of this t…


I wanting to check the mascara(Who knew that, there would be a day in future where I and mascara or anything related to makeup would be mentioned in the same line) in the rear-view mirror of the car.
Changed the alignment of the mirror. Checked the mascara Sravan says, Excuse me? Can you put it back? I'm driving here. I put the mirror back to its original alignment, guesstimation put to work here . He was surprised that I put it exactly in the right position. Perfect. I don't leave this moment of victory and in all my glory I go on like this.. You know what? the word perfect was coined after my birth. For that matter anything that comes around perfect too, like perfection, perfected,( I should have stopped here) perfecting.. (and the damage is done)
Sravan quips, Perfecting? that is true.

Between conversations...

Small things make huge differences, I used to write this all over my desk between classes or when the class was in progress. I was very philosophical back then. The later years of mechanical life have diminished the effect of philosophy on me.
I and Sravan were out to run an errand and I was mysteriously feeling hungry as soon as we were out of our home. We went to a place ordered tomato cream soup(dear veggies, broccoli cheddar soup has chicken stock), we played with the soup for sometime not letting the other get the fried bread. I was having more fun in playing with it rather than eating it. But then, people who were having a peaceful time were disturbed by our loud laughs and we had to stop, we had to stop also because in this war of soup the soup itself was in jeopardy. We finished the soup and were talking and talking and talking about things that happened a week ago, month ago, years ago and one particular thing that happened may be a decade ago. And some where between the conv…


I've known this women from time immemorial.Though she is always on my mind, I particular think of her atleast thrice each day and each time thinking how little she was appreciated for the amount of work and energy she used to put in taking care of a home. It's because I'm just starting to realizes how much effort goes into taking care of a home.
I see her as a firmly opinionated woman. She wouldn't step down, even if not doing so made her to be pictured as mean.I always wondered that, a lot of things could have be avoided if only she was not as firmly opinionated woman that she is. But now I get it, why should she?
She gave her whole life to her family who I don't think appreciated as much as she deserved. Why did she have to cook, clean, wash, groom, take care of the family? Only because she is woman? Does that mean that the job is easy for her? She almost had a career, a government job, but she wasn't encouraged I guess.And with no prejudiced, I say, she is a…

Life of Pi( the movie)

After the movie I asked Sravan, what would you have done if you were Pi?
I can't swim, so, I don't think I would have survived.

I asked myself, what would I have done? I wouldn't have had stepped out of bed to witness the ferocious storm and therefore would have been swept off by water into the ocean.( and of course I can't swim)

When  I was reading the book Life of Pi, I kept losing the track. The language Pi uses while narrating the story was intriguing, yet it was too complex for a dont-want-to-think-much-when-reading-kinda-book. In the movie, Pi many years after the survival, narrates the story to a writer who was sent by his uncle from India where the writer was living to write a book, not on India but one on Portugal.

Each one might perceive the movie in a different way. Brave is what I take. Brave is not just in fighting a war, but also in doing what you want to do. Be it, explaining the name to people for numerous time in a day until they get it, or trying to k…

Taking cover

Scene: me playing Call of Duty.
My gang leader in the game says  "Take cover, Take cover"
Hysterically, I move here and there
I shout at Sravan "this fellow is asking me to take cover, where should I take cover"

It's in your pocket, take it out and put it over you.

The (fantastic) granola bars

I started working out lately and as soon as I reach home after the gym time, I get so tired. I lay on the sofa and don't get up. Nothing gives me the boost to get up than food and food only. So I decided to make granola bars. They are not only healthy, but give instant energy too. Thanks to the nuts! The ones I made  turned out so well that I instantly wanted to post. Try it and let me know! A recipe so simple nothing can go wrong even if you try.

Oats flakes (one cup)
peanuts( or whatever nuts you feel like adding)
brown sugar
butter( the binding agent)
honey( 2-3 teaspoons)
Being short of variety of nuts I added a handful of this cereal.

Mix all the ingredients and spread them over a greased baking pan. Pop it in the oven at 350 degree.

Take them out after fifteen minutes. Let them cool down. Cut a small bar. Taste it and thank me! :)

I'm posting a picture to woo you into trying them. Don't be lazy, come on!


and explore more..

When someone takes an abrupt and indefinite break from work, they may go into a cocoon of self pity. The same someone may feel lost because the title they had at workplace was their most possessed identity. And when the someone leaves work, the most cherished is lost. Fortunately, I'm didn't become that someone.
Thanks to the exorbitant salaries engineers get in the software industry, I've seen worked with people who come to work to earn and only to earn. I always wondered, why don't they utilize their time in doing things they would love to do. I only wondered and never imposed the thought because, what they do is none of my business, you see. A manager said to me "You have so much passion in the work you do that you can shine whenever you go and whatever you do". But, never did I think that there would be a time  where I would be forced to suppress my passion and be indifferent to everything and get cozy with "I'll do only what I can".(I wrote …

Memories of English Vinglish

As soon as I was out of the movie I wrote this on FB "Though the word laddoo was mentioned more than English, I couldn't stop admiring Sridevi. 'Returning back' home I was thinking if there is anything I didn't like about the movie.. I'm still thinking."

Actually None!

From the day I saw the movie, the thread of thought to write more about the movie was running in the mind. I was looking for some terrific words to explain how I felt during and after the movie. However, none of the terrific words go quite well. The reason of-course is it's a Balki kinda one and hence its simple. For example, I can't say it's mind-blowing  because it frankly was not. It was a simple movie with all things done just right.

English Vinglish, doesn't blow your minds out, but forces you to relate to things because it has so many of them(or at least I felt so) and once you do so, you smile and keep smiling, like I did. Shashi runs a small business apart from takin…

This is how it is done

The husband craves for Chicken Biryani all through Saturday. So we go to the store on Sunday. But we find Chicken unavailable. The disappointed husband and the happy me (meatless kitchen Yay!). But not for too long. We grab available lamb, help an arabic women who wasn't sure if she wants or wants not yogurt and get home.
The NO football game starts in the evening. The husband starts cooking and watches football in between. NO won after 4 losses. He is rated as the best cook by almost all his friends who tasted his food and to his surprise the biryani turned out to be a disaster and he hated it instantly. Yet he gulps the piece of art which took almost 4 hours to make.
The next day, I watched all the videos several times to know the ingredients, get them and start cooking but not before watching all the available videos several times again. I know one of them by heart now.



Barfi : Love. Be Happy.

Don't we feel sorry for people who are dumb or deaf? Guess what, Barfi knows how to have fun and makes you feel sorry for yourself because he knows to be happy anyways.
The movie starts with the Charlie Chaplin-ish Ranbir Kapoor known as Barfi(instead of Murphy because he can't just pronounce it so) being chased by a police officer for his misdeeds. He sees Shruthi(Ileana) and falls for her. When she says she is engaged after he 'puts' his heart, he asks her to wave a hand of friendship.  Ileana starts liking him more than a friend, and that is when her mother makes her realize that being practical is important to move ahead in life. And so, Shruthi and Barfi part their ways, but not before Barfi puts out his teary emotional goodbye. Barfi, meets his rich childhood friend Jhilmil(PC) who has autism. She gets kidnapped and Barfi saves her and tries to get Rs. 7000 as ransom for his father's operation. Alas, not all things turn out well, but eventually there is a hap…

A Facet A Day

We doing our favorite pastime which is arguing ta-da!
No lets take those
No lets take these
No, I think this better.
No, I don't think that is better

I finally give in
Okay, let's do the way you want. Are you happy?
No, You are bobby

I draw my brows and think. It took me a full minute to perceive that.
He is in sound sleep; me, the night owl staring out of window.
I put a hand over him
He takes my fingers and caresses them
I think of checking if he is awake, but the thoughts are blown away by the snores.
He was asleep and still caressing my fingers.

I must say you really earned some points there

Why are there more birthday in Sep and Oct
People are more fertile during colder seasons, and so there are more birthdays in Sep and Oct

Disappointed and with a drawn…

Time to explore

and put my print on every possible thing. Therefore I started to bake too!
The batter. When I want to do something, I look around and find things to do it right then. I can't wait to go and shop for things. So I made the batter from what little was available at home.

Turns out, this is the best batter I've ever tasted.
There used to be a bakery called St. Mary's bakery near our school. They had the awesomest light yellow color biscuits. The first bite of these cookies just rewinded me to that spot. Exactly like the critic in Ratatouille ;)

A roundup

Being busy from last couple of months has disconnected me from my best friend. This blog. Now that I'm done doing, I'm back and I need to put down all the thoughts that went from Feb to August.
The '12 Feb
Visiting the US of A on work was on the checklist. By hook or crook that item is now checked.  Feb '12 was the month, I met my nephew for the first time. My sister made sure ( from what I had from her, she was planning the reception for a long time) she embarrassed me good enough. For this she got a placard which said "Welcome to Seattle" which is the only best part. She had a hawaii garland with lavender flowers and to top it of she was dancing. Get the picture. As it was too much to grasp for someone who is looking for a cart to carry the luggage, when I saw her, for a second I was wondering who is that desi dancing in an airport. I felt all the drama that was involved felt totally worth it the moment I saw my nephew. I don't think I ever saw anything…

The response was...

as sweet as an Ice cream - Oreo Shake with a topping of Whipped cream and a Cherry :)

We were back from a movie and were retiring to sleep when I told him that today is July 15th.
Is it?
Let's go
Where? It's almost 1 AM.
Chalo lets go
He pulled me from the bed, threw a jacket and pushed me out of the home.

We went to this place which according to him (until then) had the most awesomest shake. We had a ice cream shake and returned home.
The next day( that is day part of july 15th) he made a fantastic meal( idli, chutney and dinner). And the bonus point, the kitchen wasn't messy! (Well, I wasn't nagging as often I do, so as a result he had a peaceful time making dinner)

The second life

No more counting down, up, sideways the days
We've just started our ride together to eternity.


We give our opinions
We state our points.
We prove our points.
We argue defending our points.
We fall silent.
We give our opinions again
Listen to each other
Explain the point
We agree on one common ground.
That is how this life had been so far.


The common ground, the husband is reluctantly making sure is more to my side :)

Train tales

Traveling? Train's never the answer for the innumerable reasons which doesn't include the loo/toilet category yet.
But when you have to, you know, you have to. So I had to too. I had the AC reservation. So no sweat I thought. I want to mention that it was ironic to the degree which I don't even want to write about.
This post isn't how bad the train travel turned out( I had to put this line down because that is how it is turning out to be). Its about the people I've met and the experience I had.
I don't want to settle down on feeble words here because that is definitely not how the last experience has been. I feel like puking if I think about the bad part now, but the wondrous part brings a smile. I didn't know I could run all the way down the platform with two heavy bags hung on me. I am shit scared of eunuch. But who would have guessed, when the train was just about to start in few mins an eunuch would help find the compartment I was running around to find…

Perfect's the word

for the way the wedding turned out.
Everything that went on that day delighted me. Every little thing. Now that it's been more than a  month, I can hardly remember the flushed out finer details, which I attribute to the series of actions that dropped between the wedding day to today.

After a month of the martial bliss, I got greetings for the husband. 1 month, I wonder :)


Counting days...

on the finger tips! We are almost there!. Time sure does fly. Example #125

Planning the wedding is tough. We know the huge tasks that go into make the wedding perfect, but there are few little tiring details that would give a fine finish :) I don't want to miss them and so far made sure not to. I've got help though, enough to pull this. But there are too many opinions, and diving through them to make my point is more tougher. But yes, I am doing the things I want and doing them in the way I want. It is fun and exhausting, somedays we accomplish so much and some days just pass by as we work on the plan for the day.
All said, I want him to come soon and take over, so that I can have a lazy(and by lazy I mean, a sloth like laziness) week before the wedding. Sleep, eat and trouble people. Bliss. Not sure if he has the same plan though :P

Everytime I step into doing something big, quite a number of  business ideas strike me. The big thing gets over and the ideas get evaporated. Now…

I'm getting married!!

I'm getting married!! Yay!
As I recall, when I first met him, he was the nicest and sweetest guy I've ever come across.  After more than 8 years today, I am proud to say the statement still holds true to this second.

Disclaimer: I always feared and still fear that the best of him cannot be put in just words and never wrote about him. Therefore if whatever you read from now doesn't sound best, please feel free to blame it on my inability. When it's about him, I am at loss of words :) always.

I said this to myself, many years back ago when we were moving from the acquaintanceship to friendship,  "it would be nice to know which lucky girl would get to be with him?" Now we know who that is. :)

He by my side, and I have no worries. He by my side, my brain switches off from the thinking mode to idle mode. He pampers me and that made me more stubborn. He anywhere near me, I'm always overboard :) . He around me, I don't need anything and  care about nothing. …

I'm humming it right now too..

Alone on bed. Light Off and listen to this song. You would know what I mean.
Movie: Lakshya
Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain
Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain
Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon, Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon
Kitni Baatein Kahane Ki Hain
Hothon Par Jo Sahmi Si Hain
Ek Roz Inhein Sun Lo, Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho
Kyun Poori Ho Na Payee Daastan
Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyaan

Donon Ke Dilon Mein Chhupa Hai Jo Ek Anjana Sa Gham
Kya Ho Payega Wo Kam, Koi Kya Kahe
Donon Ne Kabhi Zindagi Ki Ik Mod Pe Thi Jo Paayee
Hai Kaisi Wo Tanhai, Koi Kya Kahe
Kitna Veeran Hai Ye Sama
Saanson Mein Jaise Ghulta Hai Dhuan
Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan
Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain
Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain
Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon

Tumse Aaj Yun Milke Dil Ko Yaad Aaye Lamhe Kal Ke
Ye Aansoo Kyun Hai Chhalke, Ab Kya Kahein
Tumne Hamko Dekha Jo Aise To Ek Umeed Hai Jaagi
Meri Tumse Pyar Paane Ki, Ab Kya Karein
Aa Gaye Ham Kahaan Se Kahaan
Dekhe Mud Ke Ye Dil Ka Kaarvan, Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan
Kitni Baatein...Aise Gumsum Ho
Kitni Baatein ...K…