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2011 got me...

The Greek saying, Time is  a river of passing events, a rushing torrent just befits.
As I write this post,  I ask myself, am I writing this too soon, has another year come yet?
And yes, another year is here, So I wish you an extremely fruitful year ahead.
You keep hearing sayings like Ring out the old, ring in the new; a brand new year to start afresh  et alii. For me they are seem to be appealing just to the ears but the mind doesn't get the logic. Moments. moments make days , days makes months, months make years.  As moment changes so do days, months and years. And I think, if we want to celebrate, let celebrate the moment.
This post though isn't about celebration but a pure retrospection. I was at a friends house on the new year's eve, and was thinking of the then present year, a year whose thought  almost gives me shivers of fear. As Jan of the new year passed quietly, I was sure there is storm picking up. And when there was no storm yet, I was secretly happy about it.…

I managed it pretty well

Diego {excited about Buck's lifestyle}: So you're just living down here by your wits, Buck: all on your own, no responsibilities. Not a one. It's incredible. No dependents, no limits. It's the greatest life a single guy could have.
This is want I wanted to try. No responsibilities not that I want to be or am single. Will I survive?  Well, after the travel, I say, I managed it pretty well. (Not that I don't have the choice of any other answer) It was my first flight experience. I've been booking tickets for family but never flew. I have it tell this, as excited I was about it in the beginning, ironically I do not like the flight experience for various reason. People be as if they are numb in flight and they snore (how fast can u sleep in a1 hour journey). So if I have to travel it's definitely going to me train next time given I don't have any time constraint. Jaipur airport was neat, spacious and no crowd. There was the pre-booked cab driver with plank whi…