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An adventure named Jaipur

In my 2010's wishlist, one of the item was to visit Jaipur and blog about it.
Though I am successful in not fulfilling almost all of the wishes listed, I am particularly stubborn about visiting Jaipur and I still am on constantly.
Someone please ask me why Jaipur? I have an answer which I haven't made up right now.
The names Rajasthan, Jaipur for me, bring some  rustic thoughts with it. The culture, the attire, the music (oh yeah) say it has some history to it. Well every place does have history, but I haven't seen it being exhibited proudly.
The second reason, I want to let me go. Aimlessly( atleast partially).Like a vagabond wanderer. I want to see if I can survive in an unknown place for few days without any company.
I've made up my mind and I've started planning too.( took fresh parchment and brand new purple pilot pen) Place I would want to visit, monuments etc.. I want to see and what I want to seek , pursue. I've added to my iPod few apps from the appsto…