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On my 27th birthday..

I wanted 27 gifts. I let my friend and family know this:
[Stomping my legs]"I want 27 gifts, I want 27 gifts"

On the D day I got more than what I wanted, and more than what I could possibly expect.

Thanks to Various people!

Chewing Biscuit animatedly ....

I write this...

Google is libran too ( the doodle on Sep 27th -  Google's 13th Birthday)

I am not hungry and don't feel like eating

I want 27 gifts but I have no idea what they should possible be

There is something wrong with my nose, I see lil blood coming out of it .

Pause.. ( taking another biscuit)

I'm playing Ghar Baite Jeetho Jackpot of KBC to win money and spend them on GOLDDDD

I've never seen a thing as resilient as my bike.

There's murder 2 coming on TV sometime soon. Don't even dare to watch it!

I'm watching some Hindi Daily serial..

A friend just told me that she is getting married this Nov. :)

What else...
Ha! Listen to this song. The 'shuffle' was playing this as I drive home

Home sweet sad happy Home

Not just Sweet Sad Happy,  I want to put many more up there.  When I was home for the weekend, I laid silently looking around at the newly painted walls and just then I knew what my next post is going to be about. Our home. It was always there for us. In the beginning it was good enough for a family of six. Later it underwent umpteen number of cosmetic changes, only to look better after each. It wasn't only us who grew in that home.  Bobby, the pet, and few years later it's family of 7! , cocks and hens, squirrels and birds( rarely snakes and scorpions too ) Its walls have echoed the laughter and shouts, cries and pleas, giggles and silence. It hosted many parties, get together, and almost two love stories, the busy wedding and a funeral. Few days back, I was stubborn about letting it go. Practical being. Now, though when I look at the home, it reminds me of many not very pleasant things, I wouldn't want it to let go. Reason - the thought of not letting it go brings peace …

Liking the...

That was truly a real surprise...

May's been fantastic.Attested is the evidence.

One day, we were out shopping! (:D). We saw this one beautiful dress and I was asked to try on. Just a li'l altering and it was perfect.  after a week.. As I was packing for a vacation, I get few suggestions from S like these - why don't you get that new dress of yours, and then accessories which go with it.. One of the rarest quality which I possess is,  when I smell a dish, I can tell you when it was cooked and what all vegetables were used and when they were bought(seriously!). The same hold true for the future. If you try to surprise me. Don't let me get the slightest hint even remotely related to the surprise. I can just wriggle out the whole thing from you. So, where was I .. Packing and suggestions. I ask him "why a new dress to a beach?". He replies : "Just in case we plan to go to a good restaurant in the french-like city, pajamas wouldn't be appropriate" I swear , I sensed there something …

I like! this new template

.. it has these few drops on a clear screen with a dark background.
Gives a feeling that you are looking through a window.

Now I am all set you write more.

P.S. After two hours of churning my brain this is all that I could come up.
Pathetic? Bah...  who cares.
Yawn ( this is a fake one)

Luv thy neighbor

Some pretext:
When you are alone , well let me speak for myself- when I'm alone at home, the glimpse of everything I see as I browse* through the TV channels has a shade of 'Aahat'. (*Only when the browsing is done after 8:00 PM)
Time: 11 pm change
Girl your my 'knock' 'knock' chammak challo  plays on the iPod
I say to myself - clearly an illusion
I reluctantly pay a cautious ear to the main door, the knocking continues. Clearly not my illusion.

The Aahat has come true. fine! I'm up for it. I  get up and open the door.
Their's the neighbor with a bowl for saggubiyyam.
Saggubiyyam? I don't think we have it.
Why don't you check the kitchen?
 we don't get saggu....
she is already halfway to the kitchen.
I had to show her proofs by opening the kitchen cabinets that we really don't have.
She leaves saying "your sister would have known where to look for it better"
 I wanted to say "Oh well, then why the hell did u knock when…