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Master Po!

Did you see that, that's called awesomeness says the Panda about his friend Tigress.
Po, our Dragon warrior teaches more than just Kungufu.

Rule 1: Be lazy. As lazy as one can be.
Rule 2: Food is life.
Rule 3: Your friends are awesome. Make sure you let them know this very often.
Rule 4: Have fun with the enemy (too)
Rule 5: The most important one - Be foolish. Stay foolish. It saves a lot of energy.

Take a bow
Master Po!


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O cheliya....

o cheliya na priya sakhiya chey jarenoo na manase
e chota adi jarinado a jade marichitine
nee andelalo chikkookoondani nee padamoola cheritine
premante enni agachatlo mana kalayika telipinade
na goondelalo prema paravasamai iroo kannooloo solenoole
o cheliya na priya sakhiya chey jarenoo na manase
eepoota cheli na mata ika karoovaipoyenoole
adharamoo oodharamoo nadoomoona edo alajadi regenoole
veekshanalo nireekshanalo ara kshanamoka yoogamele
choopoolanni ventadinattoo madi kalavaramayenoole
idi swargama narakama emito teliyadoole
ee jeeviki jeevana maranamoo nee chetilo oonnadile
o cheliya
kokilamma noovoo sai ante ne padenoo sarigamale
gopoorama ninoo cherookoni savarinchenoo nee kooroole
vennelamma neekoo jola padi kali metikeloo virichene
nee cheti chali galoolakoo tera chapai nilichene
na asala oosoole chevilona chebootane
nee adoola cheragani goorootoole prema charitaloo antane
o cheliya (Source)

beauty, isn't it?
Gosh, if only... for me.. :-)

Vedh Talks

When Vedh needs me he calls out "mommy", when he needs his dad, he calls out "nanna", when he needs both of us, he calls out "Hey guys".
As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he gets down from the bed, goes to the restroom and starts brushing his teeth ( or something to that effect). Noticing me standing next to him supervising the chore(or something to that effect), turns around and says "Mommy, go brush". How do you tell a toddler you don't feel like brushing yet.
He can talk for a minute without a pause and he can repeat the exact same thing any number of times for you.There is of course a pig or a horse or a cow or a chicken or a farm involved in every conversation, but one has no idea what the other 99 words in that sentence were. tsk. Incompetent adults.
When I asked him if we can read "the Jungle book" book, he replies, "no mommy sorry, ( hands over another book), this o…


When he saw me in the evening, he gave me a kiss. After running around he said "Pe, mama do do do", which translates to, I want to watch the cartoon baby shark, please. How in the world will I not oblige. The plea continued more than a few times, each time followed by the rerun of "baby shark do do do".

After his dinner, he was ready for a bath and bed. He is not a fan of bath and just waits for the right time to signal his dad that he is "all done". He got dressed and ready for bed. The lights were turned off.

After a few minutes, he slides down from the bed, manages to find the door knob and open the door and leaves the room.He enters the room where I was folding his laundry and notices a pajama with penguins on it. He signals for the pajama, by making sure he adds ample of  "Pe"'s in the request. I oblige. He tries to put it on him and gets excited when I join to help him. 
He doesn't let his dad or me touch them penguins, tickles the…