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A perfect example for backfire

Phone rings
Me: Hey wassup Him: What's up? Me: Nothing much, just mailed my manager that I'm quitting What do u say? Him: That's great! Me: Is it? can I quit Him: Why not, Now we both can together search for jobs in India Me: !@#$%@!#@@

The happy meal!

He came to pick me up at office( I always dreamed for a scene like this, someone waiting to pick me up from work :) )
yep, I'm here. pack up and come down.
I thought I was done with my work, but I wasn't
I say, rather cautiously..mmmm I'm not done with my work. Meanwhile, why don't you got u McD and get me a happy meal, its the Kungu fu Panda toy these days! I want one.
Kidding? nope, I can't.
( I knew he wouldn't go, but what do i lose in trying)
it was only after 30 mins that I could wrap up my work and meet him.
He was there with his smile (again) and my bike
I get on the bike saying dropping the weight off my shoulders.. I'm too tired (i kept him waiting for 30 mins I couldn't come up with anything better)
as we drive .. I convey the message - I'm starving, please keep checking for me, I might faint and drop off the bike.
He stops the bike and says .. Just because you said you are going to faint, I'm giving you.. He turned around..
And there wa…