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The Soulmate.. ( contd)

after few years of this, the girl writes this one final mail.. .... ....... I'm not going to change a bit. and if are okay to live with me and my torture for rest of my life then call me up. Take your time and answer.
...... ........
As the both were brimming with anger, she thought the reply would come (or not) not before few days. And a three minutes later, the phone rang.
it was the soulmate..


Why is it so important to earn money? Life goes on, as you move from financial, dependent to independent mode, you respect yourself more (and so do the people around). Now that you are earning, your are taken as a person who's opinion should be heard and considered as apposed to taking you for granted. You do realise the reason for this drastic change, yet be happy about it.There are two perspective reasons; 1. You are independent 2. You are earning. Both do seem almost similar. The set of people who adore you for reason one are the people who want you to make a better life and you did make it. And the reason two set, nevermind. From here on, you go from one big leap to another and attach yourself to some handsome financial obligations,so, so did I. When putting my 23 year old foot forward, the thought, you have to keep earning for another 15 years kept bouncing in my mind, but I didn't pay attention, the reason, I didn't want to. Taking a home in the city I lived seemed so…

For All of Us!

who weren't born to view the moment in 1983 and for all those who want to relive it, here it is! :)

Happy for SACHINNNN SACHINNNN !!!!!!!!! Me!
P.S. My henchman! in making the team win :D