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This set of Greens is much cooler.

I'm a normal Indian cricket viewer who is keen only when its India against some X team.
Now when this X happens to be Pakistan, it's pushed to a level beyond game.

With all due respect to the nation, apart from the usual geographical/political friction that the countries have, Pakistan does take it more than as a national pride when its against India. Quoting a Pakistani captain after losing to India in a certain match "I apologize to all muslims in the world" . "Excuse me? how did 'muslims' come here" was the reaction of my muslims friends. you get the picture? So I atleast wouldn't want to lose to a team which doesn't think any better of a game than this with its pea brain.

All said, this seems to be history now. The Green team which I see now seems to be much cooler. Though it was a semi final, there were no tricks of sledging, no aggression on players put... Cool is the word I could think of for the Captain. And guess what, after shaking ha…

I don't waste time :D

Around 6 on a weekend evening, I get out of the home and stand in the corridor looking out as some kids play. A little girl( around 5 ?) sees me and turns off her face. I fetched!! for her face and saw tears dripping. I didn't really have a thorough idea who she was yet, as she was crying I couldn't leave her so.
Are you crying? Wiping her tears running down her pink cheek - shook her head. ( meaning no) I was hurling questions at her, until I got a reply. See, thats how you need to talk to a kid. Present them with the choices.
why are crying? she just looks on to the street. okay, did mom hit you? grandma? grandpa? no your sister ( I was sure this was the reason, the younger ones always bully the calm older ones :( nods in disapproval..
mmmm, okay, do you want chocolate? Wait I'll get u. I went into my home got her two chocolates Eat them. do u want to eat later? nods okay, so why are u crying? mummy hit me. oh why? not studying? playing too much ? a nod for playing too much

'Life time' re-charge

Definitely, but only if I could still hold a phone.
btw, 52 huh?

The balancing act

mom come back soon!!
P.S. and also i figured out why I avoid speaking Hindi. I hated my Hindi teacher in school and to annoy her more I wouldn't speak Hindi in her class even after insistence.
I have nothing against Hindi, its just that old woman and I'm just continuing what I started :-D Yay!!

The art of arguing (or not)

... and as meeting goes on, I getup from my chair, take a walk around n halt near the white-board, start writing something. Seeing this, the team pauses the discussion, the manager asks if I have any important point to bring out as the rest of the team looks intriguingly at the board. I turned around seeing the disturbed look on the team's faces wipe out all the magic spells I've been writing. Though I know something as this if repeated more then once could jeopardize my 'the performance ratings' I keep repeating it. Well I guess I might be doing something very right for things like these are given a blind eye (for now).
Anyways, just for the reason of not getting interrupted when I'm doing something as imp as wizardry and witchcrafty I've decided to have a whiteboard at home. "5x4 board is too small" when someone was enlightening that 4x4 would be too big for a home. Finally 5x4 it was. The story begins here.The board was delivered to home. I stare at…