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The power of convincing

In this season of awards, the award for 'The power of convincing' goes to KK. Well, the friend gets to keep the title and I the trophy.... :D
:) :) [double happy] Me!


A story during World War II... Rick a.k.a Richard Blaine runs "Rick's CafĂ© AmĂ©ricain" in Casablanca , a place he comes to after escaping from Paris. During in days in Paris he meets and loves Lisa (?). When the day they plan to escape from Paris, Lisa doesn't come to the station as promised. Rick heartbroken leaves the place with his loyal friend Sam. And after many years, Lisa and Rick meet in his cafe at Casablanca. Her husband who is in the wanted-list of the Germans needs to escape to Lisbon for which he needs the transit papers. Rick is in possession of two transit papers. Lisa tries to convince him to give the letters saying she still loves him also explaining the reason for not showing up at the station. She says she wouldn't run away from him this time and would want to stay with him by leaving her husband. For a moment you are made to believe that Lisa is going to abandon her husband who'd be eventually arrested , Rick and Lisa stay happily ever afte…

Lovestory 2805

When I first got a chance to watch the movie, my eyes instantly closed after 10 mins of watching the rusty garbage collector doing its chores
And very recently I got the second chance and I did watch it this time as I now have improved patience.
falling in love with a fair, correction - white lady, gifting her the various amusing things he preserves, saving her from rain, sun, storm, going away with her and trying to do anything for Eve-ah!.
It was the perfect love story.

in bits and pieces

If upset at 1:17 AM.. You take a bowl. Open the fridge, fill the bowl with cake twice the volume of the bowl and then consume it. You wipe out the contents of the bowl by 1:25 AM

You miss your dear friend.. When you crack the most hillarious joke(read as the usual dumb joke) and people around don't get it.

You wouldn't say no anymore.. When you go through GBs of photographs and can find none picture of you. (seriously none).

Haven't been writing lately..

Every night, as I go to bed, I think of all that I wanted to do and the little of which I couldn't do. That is when I think of my blog too. There was a time( not too far) when I had so much to write and I had to really hold on myself from doing so. These days I don't have a piece to write about even if my brain is turned upside down and made inside out.
The reasons - New entertainment at home. Not really thinking and intensifying even the smallest available atom of source of worry. A day has only 24 hours! I sleep for 9 hours. (:) ) . After Quality Assurance, the remaining time goes to domestic work.
Hoping to writing in the days to come. :)

Devil Wears Prada.

A talented aspiring journalist, who has 'no interest' in fashion joins as the second assistant of Runway's(A fashion magazine) Miranda Priestly. In the beginning Andy has no idea who Miranda is and has no clue that she now holds a job for which a million girls would kill. So the setup - A vicious boss, a snotty colleague and zero idea about the fashion brands. Running to Starbucks, getting manuscript of Harry potter's yet to be released book, taking calls, no pee breaks, 10 mins of lunch break and yet getting no acknowledgement for any task done on time. The job gets to her, and a girl who says "Can you please spell 'Gabbana'? " transforms to a person who speaks the language of fashion.And on the way to this, she compromises on some of her principles. After an hour and half of this, Miranda, who realizes that her job is being offered to someone else, tricks, plays, plots and makes sure her ground is safe by crashing someone else's dream. Mi…