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To make sure that we are on the same page..

If/ when I have to mention about my iPod touch 4 I'm saying it so( not just iPod 4 or iPod touch). Reason-I don't want people to mistake it with anything less iPod-ish. I have my own fears.
P.S we don't get the name of the device from where this is posted, do we? But I'm sure we are on the same page now :)

Erin Brockovich and Philadelphia

Thanks to Bigflix, I've been watching a lot of movies lately. They have these collections and you just pick from the collection and watch. As easy as it is. These days I am into 'International Courtroom drama', and hence the title.
Erin Brockovich - Julia Roberts plays the protagonist, who is a single mother ,divorced twice and has three kids to look after, who has just $74 in bank and $17000 in debts and yet stays calm and cool (with her kids specially) :) Not a big brainy but a hard worker with the heart at the right place, make sure a justice of 333 million dollars is done to the people of Hinkley.
Philadelphia - It is what it is. An exceptional lawyer gets fired from the firm he works. Turns out that the firm from whom Andrew ( Tom Hanks) conceals the truth that he is a gay and also affected with a disease, finds this out. Andrew ask Joe popularly know as the TV guy who was once defeated by Andrew in a minor case to fight for his case. And then the courtroom drama. To…

Now I'm biased to respect such people.

This evening I was browsing through the 106 channels; 84, 85, 86 , I got a glimpse of something in that millisecond ... 87.. pause.. 86 , it was PEACE URDU TV; an interesting topic was going on. There was a huge huge gathering and a Q&A session was in progress. A kid ( about 12 years old) asks the religious head, didn't get to hear the whole question, but here is what I heard:
Kid : ..... my parents and teachers say so, but my friend says 'you don't get anything by praying a stone. Pray to Allah once and you'll get whatever you want'. So, I want to know whom should I listen to? Should I listen to my parents and teachers or my friend?
The preacher: Don't listen to your parents. Don't listen to your friend. I'll show this line even in your religious books which says there is only one God. It doesn't matter if its Allah or any other God. There is only one and listen to Him.
The response surprised me. If only we had people who are atleast half as good…


I've watched Avatar in a huge cinema hall before, and it didn't really blow me off(as opposed to the reviews). And when I was going through the list of movies to rent, the title "AVATAR" caught my eye and the li'l excitement made me rent the DVD. And therefore on one winter afternoon, it was me home alone, home theatre (finally installed by the technician) and the AVATAR.I was awed! totally! The experience was a lot better than my first one.(thanks to the subtitles?) Whatever; but wow; thats what I call a movie! I know I can't review the movie(come one, who hasn't watched the AVATAR, when you know who'd be looked upon like a 'Sky People' a.k.a alien if you hadn't, know what I mean?) but I loved Jake Sully. A ex- marine was called on to 'this' project to take forward the contract of his dead twin brother. Remember this?, How much of lab experience do you have, the response - I've dissected a frog once . At first it was ju…

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's.

A young naive, eccentric lady Miss Golightly ( :) ) who likes Tiffany's, goes to Tiffany's everyday and has breakfast watching the beautiful jewelery displayed. The new neighbor Paul Varjak who comes to her to ask for a favor will be asked to fetch for the alligator shoe under the bed while she gets ready to go meet a prisoner in Sing Sing for which she gets paid 100$. This is one crazy lady, who goes out for dinner with 26 different people in two months, just does anything she feels like doing, because if she doesn't, she feels she is being put in a cage. The one person she loves too much is her brother Fred. After she comes to know through her ex-husband (yep, she's been married too)that her brother who's army dies in a jeep accident, she crashes. Though Paul who wants to take care of this girl, lets her know that he loves her, she kicks him away for a rich old guy. As they drive in the car ( after being bailed out from the jail) Paul …

On the verge..

.. of messing/screwing/muddling up things. I can sense something is going to get wrong terribly.Or is it just my illusion/exaggeration?
- - - - -
I just noticed/realized,(exactly 3 minutes back), I hardly write about something which makes me happy. So here is it, I bought a new Sony home theatre. And its R-O-C-K-I-N-G!

P.S. It is really Rocking! :D

Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love is a love story written in the language "Poetry". Viola, (the beautiful daughter of a rich merchant) loves poetry and theatre. As women weren't allowed to enact in plays, she disguises herself as a boy names herself Thomas Kent and gets a role in a play,( the play which so far has only a page written by the play writer) William ( Will) Shakespeare, the play writer who was once cheated in love, falls in love with Voila after knowing her truth. The play which was supposed to be a comedy changes track to love story of Romeo and Juliet. Both Will and Viola know they cannot get married, in Viola's words -This is not life, Will. It is a stolen season. The movie continues with the theatre practices in the day and love of Will and Voila in the night, until one day Voila fiancée finds out the truth and takes her away from Will.
This is one good movie soaked in love poetry.


OK, I wrote the title and started staring at it for 10 long minutes. Nothing good which happened in 2010 is crossing my mind ( wait a min , it just did, Thank God). 2010 was agoood umm ok year mmm bad year.
As usual, one can , I can only Hope. Hoping for the best for the days to come.