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2011 got me...

The Greek saying, Time is  a river of passing events, a rushing torrent just befits.
As I write this post,  I ask myself, am I writing this too soon, has another year come yet?
And yes, another year is here, So I wish you an extremely fruitful year ahead.
You keep hearing sayings like Ring out the old, ring in the new; a brand new year to start afresh  et alii. For me they are seem to be appealing just to the ears but the mind doesn't get the logic. Moments. moments make days , days makes months, months make years.  As moment changes so do days, months and years. And I think, if we want to celebrate, let celebrate the moment.
This post though isn't about celebration but a pure retrospection. I was at a friends house on the new year's eve, and was thinking of the then present year, a year whose thought  almost gives me shivers of fear. As Jan of the new year passed quietly, I was sure there is storm picking up. And when there was no storm yet, I was secretly happy about it.…

I managed it pretty well

Diego {excited about Buck's lifestyle}: So you're just living down here by your wits, Buck: all on your own, no responsibilities. Not a one. It's incredible. No dependents, no limits. It's the greatest life a single guy could have.
This is want I wanted to try. No responsibilities not that I want to be or am single. Will I survive?  Well, after the travel, I say, I managed it pretty well. (Not that I don't have the choice of any other answer) It was my first flight experience. I've been booking tickets for family but never flew. I have it tell this, as excited I was about it in the beginning, ironically I do not like the flight experience for various reason. People be as if they are numb in flight and they snore (how fast can u sleep in a1 hour journey). So if I have to travel it's definitely going to me train next time given I don't have any time constraint. Jaipur airport was neat, spacious and no crowd. There was the pre-booked cab driver with plank whi…


This is part of the final strip of Calvin and Hobbes. It was published on Dec 31, 1995.

Pretty Movie

I'm confused on how I should start the opening line of this one without mentioning what Vivian really does for living. I've already discarded quite a few. Okay I got it,  As Vivian waits at her workplace, Edward stops by to ask for directions. She agrees to show the directions for 20$. As they drive to his hotel, he already starts getting intrigued by this young lady. After reaching his hotel, he pauses for few seconds and asks Vivian if she can accompany his to this hotel. And here it all starts.
He find her interesting and wanted to spend the rest of the week with her and she agrees to do the same for 3000$.
I would have agreed for 2000
I would have paid 4000.
He is an businessman. She is , well, what she is. Opposites attract. They eventually fall in love with each other. Edward has the special gift of impossible relationships and Vivian wants a fairy tale. She gets is finally.

And Edward Lewis, Wow. How do they do that? How do they get one person to play this perfect. Is t…

An adventure named Jaipur

In my 2010's wishlist, one of the item was to visit Jaipur and blog about it.
Though I am successful in not fulfilling almost all of the wishes listed, I am particularly stubborn about visiting Jaipur and I still am on constantly.
Someone please ask me why Jaipur? I have an answer which I haven't made up right now.
The names Rajasthan, Jaipur for me, bring some  rustic thoughts with it. The culture, the attire, the music (oh yeah) say it has some history to it. Well every place does have history, but I haven't seen it being exhibited proudly.
The second reason, I want to let me go. Aimlessly( atleast partially).Like a vagabond wanderer. I want to see if I can survive in an unknown place for few days without any company.
I've made up my mind and I've started planning too.( took fresh parchment and brand new purple pilot pen) Place I would want to visit, monuments etc.. I want to see and what I want to seek , pursue. I've added to my iPod few apps from the appsto…

On my 27th birthday..

I wanted 27 gifts. I let my friend and family know this:
[Stomping my legs]"I want 27 gifts, I want 27 gifts"

On the D day I got more than what I wanted, and more than what I could possibly expect.

Thanks to Various people!

Chewing Biscuit animatedly ....

I write this...

Google is libran too ( the doodle on Sep 27th -  Google's 13th Birthday)

I am not hungry and don't feel like eating

I want 27 gifts but I have no idea what they should possible be

There is something wrong with my nose, I see lil blood coming out of it .

Pause.. ( taking another biscuit)

I'm playing Ghar Baite Jeetho Jackpot of KBC to win money and spend them on GOLDDDD

I've never seen a thing as resilient as my bike.

There's murder 2 coming on TV sometime soon. Don't even dare to watch it!

I'm watching some Hindi Daily serial..

A friend just told me that she is getting married this Nov. :)

What else...
Ha! Listen to this song. The 'shuffle' was playing this as I drive home

Home sweet sad happy Home

Not just Sweet Sad Happy,  I want to put many more up there.  When I was home for the weekend, I laid silently looking around at the newly painted walls and just then I knew what my next post is going to be about. Our home. It was always there for us. In the beginning it was good enough for a family of six. Later it underwent umpteen number of cosmetic changes, only to look better after each. It wasn't only us who grew in that home.  Bobby, the pet, and few years later it's family of 7! , cocks and hens, squirrels and birds( rarely snakes and scorpions too ) Its walls have echoed the laughter and shouts, cries and pleas, giggles and silence. It hosted many parties, get together, and almost two love stories, the busy wedding and a funeral. Few days back, I was stubborn about letting it go. Practical being. Now, though when I look at the home, it reminds me of many not very pleasant things, I wouldn't want it to let go. Reason - the thought of not letting it go brings peace …

Liking the...

That was truly a real surprise...

May's been fantastic.Attested is the evidence.

One day, we were out shopping! (:D). We saw this one beautiful dress and I was asked to try on. Just a li'l altering and it was perfect.  after a week.. As I was packing for a vacation, I get few suggestions from S like these - why don't you get that new dress of yours, and then accessories which go with it.. One of the rarest quality which I possess is,  when I smell a dish, I can tell you when it was cooked and what all vegetables were used and when they were bought(seriously!). The same hold true for the future. If you try to surprise me. Don't let me get the slightest hint even remotely related to the surprise. I can just wriggle out the whole thing from you. So, where was I .. Packing and suggestions. I ask him "why a new dress to a beach?". He replies : "Just in case we plan to go to a good restaurant in the french-like city, pajamas wouldn't be appropriate" I swear , I sensed there something …

I like! this new template

.. it has these few drops on a clear screen with a dark background.
Gives a feeling that you are looking through a window.

Now I am all set you write more.

P.S. After two hours of churning my brain this is all that I could come up.
Pathetic? Bah...  who cares.
Yawn ( this is a fake one)

Luv thy neighbor

Some pretext:
When you are alone , well let me speak for myself- when I'm alone at home, the glimpse of everything I see as I browse* through the TV channels has a shade of 'Aahat'. (*Only when the browsing is done after 8:00 PM)
Time: 11 pm change
Girl your my 'knock' 'knock' chammak challo  plays on the iPod
I say to myself - clearly an illusion
I reluctantly pay a cautious ear to the main door, the knocking continues. Clearly not my illusion.

The Aahat has come true. fine! I'm up for it. I  get up and open the door.
Their's the neighbor with a bowl for saggubiyyam.
Saggubiyyam? I don't think we have it.
Why don't you check the kitchen?
 we don't get saggu....
she is already halfway to the kitchen.
I had to show her proofs by opening the kitchen cabinets that we really don't have.
She leaves saying "your sister would have known where to look for it better"
 I wanted to say "Oh well, then why the hell did u knock when…

'I' and more..

The tone of the line 'I want so and so for so and so' said with a pair of dreamy eyes, is apparently taken to be as the most offensive line you could say.Yeah, F**K comes after this. Even after tearing my brain out I didn't succeed in knowing the reason for this yet.What could possibly be wrong with any line which has 'I' in it? When you want something, you would use 'I'. At office, when we work on something collaboratively, I make sure I use the word 'we'. That's because its workplace, and I can't say.. I did this(even if its only me who did it sometimes) ... some conscious in me reminds me of we. But that's work and those are the other people. That conscious that keep reminding me, doesn't bother to remind me to use we when I am talking to people close to me because of the most obvious reason! Why is there a need for me to disguise it into something that would please you, when you are the most important person in my life, a reason…

Hum Saath Saath hai :)

What can be a better way to pickup the abandoned blog than with a post on a favorite movie.I love the Rajashri productions' Hum Saath Saath hai. It has all shades of emotions and all kinds of love shown in a truly beautiful way. The movie is a grand assortment of different celebrations. If given the time, I can watch the movie once everyday. There are no feats, there are no fights where even after a hundered people have hit the hero to death, he still can hit few thousand more to death. Great movie - nonsense= Hum Saath Saath hai :) I know almost all the songs by heart :)

What makes it such a good movie for me?

Master Po!

Did you see that, that's called awesomeness says the Panda about his friend Tigress. Po, our Dragon warrior teaches more than just Kungufu.
Rule 1: Be lazy. As lazy as one can be. Rule 2: Food is life. Rule 3: Your friends are awesome. Make sure you let them know this very often. Rule 4: Have fun with the enemy (too) Rule 5: The most important one - Be foolish. Stay foolish. It saves a lot of energy.

Take a bow Master Po!

A perfect example for backfire

Phone rings
Me: Hey wassup Him: What's up? Me: Nothing much, just mailed my manager that I'm quitting What do u say? Him: That's great! Me: Is it? can I quit Him: Why not, Now we both can together search for jobs in India Me: !@#$%@!#@@

The happy meal!

He came to pick me up at office( I always dreamed for a scene like this, someone waiting to pick me up from work :) )
yep, I'm here. pack up and come down.
I thought I was done with my work, but I wasn't
I say, rather cautiously..mmmm I'm not done with my work. Meanwhile, why don't you got u McD and get me a happy meal, its the Kungu fu Panda toy these days! I want one.
Kidding? nope, I can't.
( I knew he wouldn't go, but what do i lose in trying)
it was only after 30 mins that I could wrap up my work and meet him.
He was there with his smile (again) and my bike
I get on the bike saying dropping the weight off my shoulders.. I'm too tired (i kept him waiting for 30 mins I couldn't come up with anything better)
as we drive .. I convey the message - I'm starving, please keep checking for me, I might faint and drop off the bike.
He stops the bike and says .. Just because you said you are going to faint, I'm giving you.. He turned around..
And there wa…

May's been fantastic

rendezvoussulking joys laughter wars parties and booze friends and family movies puducherry exhaustion sweet date dinner, lunch and more food in between and more movies he cooks vacation late night drives
and its not over yet...

Sunstroke and illness. an ironic ending

June's here!

The Soulmate.. ( contd)

after few years of this, the girl writes this one final mail.. .... ....... I'm not going to change a bit. and if are okay to live with me and my torture for rest of my life then call me up. Take your time and answer.
...... ........
As the both were brimming with anger, she thought the reply would come (or not) not before few days. And a three minutes later, the phone rang.
it was the soulmate..


Why is it so important to earn money? Life goes on, as you move from financial, dependent to independent mode, you respect yourself more (and so do the people around). Now that you are earning, your are taken as a person who's opinion should be heard and considered as apposed to taking you for granted. You do realise the reason for this drastic change, yet be happy about it.There are two perspective reasons; 1. You are independent 2. You are earning. Both do seem almost similar. The set of people who adore you for reason one are the people who want you to make a better life and you did make it. And the reason two set, nevermind. From here on, you go from one big leap to another and attach yourself to some handsome financial obligations,so, so did I. When putting my 23 year old foot forward, the thought, you have to keep earning for another 15 years kept bouncing in my mind, but I didn't pay attention, the reason, I didn't want to. Taking a home in the city I lived seemed so…

For All of Us!

who weren't born to view the moment in 1983 and for all those who want to relive it, here it is! :)

Happy for SACHINNNN SACHINNNN !!!!!!!!! Me!
P.S. My henchman! in making the team win :D

This set of Greens is much cooler.

I'm a normal Indian cricket viewer who is keen only when its India against some X team.
Now when this X happens to be Pakistan, it's pushed to a level beyond game.

With all due respect to the nation, apart from the usual geographical/political friction that the countries have, Pakistan does take it more than as a national pride when its against India. Quoting a Pakistani captain after losing to India in a certain match "I apologize to all muslims in the world" . "Excuse me? how did 'muslims' come here" was the reaction of my muslims friends. you get the picture? So I atleast wouldn't want to lose to a team which doesn't think any better of a game than this with its pea brain.

All said, this seems to be history now. The Green team which I see now seems to be much cooler. Though it was a semi final, there were no tricks of sledging, no aggression on players put... Cool is the word I could think of for the Captain. And guess what, after shaking ha…

I don't waste time :D

Around 6 on a weekend evening, I get out of the home and stand in the corridor looking out as some kids play. A little girl( around 5 ?) sees me and turns off her face. I fetched!! for her face and saw tears dripping. I didn't really have a thorough idea who she was yet, as she was crying I couldn't leave her so.
Are you crying? Wiping her tears running down her pink cheek - shook her head. ( meaning no) I was hurling questions at her, until I got a reply. See, thats how you need to talk to a kid. Present them with the choices.
why are crying? she just looks on to the street. okay, did mom hit you? grandma? grandpa? no your sister ( I was sure this was the reason, the younger ones always bully the calm older ones :( nods in disapproval..
mmmm, okay, do you want chocolate? Wait I'll get u. I went into my home got her two chocolates Eat them. do u want to eat later? nods okay, so why are u crying? mummy hit me. oh why? not studying? playing too much ? a nod for playing too much

'Life time' re-charge

Definitely, but only if I could still hold a phone.
btw, 52 huh?

The balancing act

mom come back soon!!
P.S. and also i figured out why I avoid speaking Hindi. I hated my Hindi teacher in school and to annoy her more I wouldn't speak Hindi in her class even after insistence.
I have nothing against Hindi, its just that old woman and I'm just continuing what I started :-D Yay!!

The art of arguing (or not)

... and as meeting goes on, I getup from my chair, take a walk around n halt near the white-board, start writing something. Seeing this, the team pauses the discussion, the manager asks if I have any important point to bring out as the rest of the team looks intriguingly at the board. I turned around seeing the disturbed look on the team's faces wipe out all the magic spells I've been writing. Though I know something as this if repeated more then once could jeopardize my 'the performance ratings' I keep repeating it. Well I guess I might be doing something very right for things like these are given a blind eye (for now).
Anyways, just for the reason of not getting interrupted when I'm doing something as imp as wizardry and witchcrafty I've decided to have a whiteboard at home. "5x4 board is too small" when someone was enlightening that 4x4 would be too big for a home. Finally 5x4 it was. The story begins here.The board was delivered to home. I stare at…

The power of convincing

In this season of awards, the award for 'The power of convincing' goes to KK. Well, the friend gets to keep the title and I the trophy.... :D
:) :) [double happy] Me!


A story during World War II... Rick a.k.a Richard Blaine runs "Rick's Café Américain" in Casablanca , a place he comes to after escaping from Paris. During in days in Paris he meets and loves Lisa (?). When the day they plan to escape from Paris, Lisa doesn't come to the station as promised. Rick heartbroken leaves the place with his loyal friend Sam. And after many years, Lisa and Rick meet in his cafe at Casablanca. Her husband who is in the wanted-list of the Germans needs to escape to Lisbon for which he needs the transit papers. Rick is in possession of two transit papers. Lisa tries to convince him to give the letters saying she still loves him also explaining the reason for not showing up at the station. She says she wouldn't run away from him this time and would want to stay with him by leaving her husband. For a moment you are made to believe that Lisa is going to abandon her husband who'd be eventually arrested , Rick and Lisa stay happily ever afte…

Lovestory 2805

When I first got a chance to watch the movie, my eyes instantly closed after 10 mins of watching the rusty garbage collector doing its chores
And very recently I got the second chance and I did watch it this time as I now have improved patience.
falling in love with a fair, correction - white lady, gifting her the various amusing things he preserves, saving her from rain, sun, storm, going away with her and trying to do anything for Eve-ah!.
It was the perfect love story.

in bits and pieces

If upset at 1:17 AM.. You take a bowl. Open the fridge, fill the bowl with cake twice the volume of the bowl and then consume it. You wipe out the contents of the bowl by 1:25 AM

You miss your dear friend.. When you crack the most hillarious joke(read as the usual dumb joke) and people around don't get it.

You wouldn't say no anymore.. When you go through GBs of photographs and can find none picture of you. (seriously none).

Haven't been writing lately..

Every night, as I go to bed, I think of all that I wanted to do and the little of which I couldn't do. That is when I think of my blog too. There was a time( not too far) when I had so much to write and I had to really hold on myself from doing so. These days I don't have a piece to write about even if my brain is turned upside down and made inside out.
The reasons - New entertainment at home. Not really thinking and intensifying even the smallest available atom of source of worry. A day has only 24 hours! I sleep for 9 hours. (:) ) . After Quality Assurance, the remaining time goes to domestic work.
Hoping to writing in the days to come. :)

Devil Wears Prada.

A talented aspiring journalist, who has 'no interest' in fashion joins as the second assistant of Runway's(A fashion magazine) Miranda Priestly. In the beginning Andy has no idea who Miranda is and has no clue that she now holds a job for which a million girls would kill. So the setup - A vicious boss, a snotty colleague and zero idea about the fashion brands. Running to Starbucks, getting manuscript of Harry potter's yet to be released book, taking calls, no pee breaks, 10 mins of lunch break and yet getting no acknowledgement for any task done on time. The job gets to her, and a girl who says "Can you please spell 'Gabbana'? " transforms to a person who speaks the language of fashion.And on the way to this, she compromises on some of her principles. After an hour and half of this, Miranda, who realizes that her job is being offered to someone else, tricks, plays, plots and makes sure her ground is safe by crashing someone else's dream. Mi…

To make sure that we are on the same page..

If/ when I have to mention about my iPod touch 4 I'm saying it so( not just iPod 4 or iPod touch). Reason-I don't want people to mistake it with anything less iPod-ish. I have my own fears.
P.S we don't get the name of the device from where this is posted, do we? But I'm sure we are on the same page now :)

Erin Brockovich and Philadelphia

Thanks to Bigflix, I've been watching a lot of movies lately. They have these collections and you just pick from the collection and watch. As easy as it is. These days I am into 'International Courtroom drama', and hence the title.
Erin Brockovich - Julia Roberts plays the protagonist, who is a single mother ,divorced twice and has three kids to look after, who has just $74 in bank and $17000 in debts and yet stays calm and cool (with her kids specially) :) Not a big brainy but a hard worker with the heart at the right place, make sure a justice of 333 million dollars is done to the people of Hinkley.
Philadelphia - It is what it is. An exceptional lawyer gets fired from the firm he works. Turns out that the firm from whom Andrew ( Tom Hanks) conceals the truth that he is a gay and also affected with a disease, finds this out. Andrew ask Joe popularly know as the TV guy who was once defeated by Andrew in a minor case to fight for his case. And then the courtroom drama. To…

Now I'm biased to respect such people.

This evening I was browsing through the 106 channels; 84, 85, 86 , I got a glimpse of something in that millisecond ... 87.. pause.. 86 , it was PEACE URDU TV; an interesting topic was going on. There was a huge huge gathering and a Q&A session was in progress. A kid ( about 12 years old) asks the religious head, didn't get to hear the whole question, but here is what I heard:
Kid : ..... my parents and teachers say so, but my friend says 'you don't get anything by praying a stone. Pray to Allah once and you'll get whatever you want'. So, I want to know whom should I listen to? Should I listen to my parents and teachers or my friend?
The preacher: Don't listen to your parents. Don't listen to your friend. I'll show this line even in your religious books which says there is only one God. It doesn't matter if its Allah or any other God. There is only one and listen to Him.
The response surprised me. If only we had people who are atleast half as good…


I've watched Avatar in a huge cinema hall before, and it didn't really blow me off(as opposed to the reviews). And when I was going through the list of movies to rent, the title "AVATAR" caught my eye and the li'l excitement made me rent the DVD. And therefore on one winter afternoon, it was me home alone, home theatre (finally installed by the technician) and the AVATAR.I was awed! totally! The experience was a lot better than my first one.(thanks to the subtitles?) Whatever; but wow; thats what I call a movie! I know I can't review the movie(come one, who hasn't watched the AVATAR, when you know who'd be looked upon like a 'Sky People' a.k.a alien if you hadn't, know what I mean?) but I loved Jake Sully. A ex- marine was called on to 'this' project to take forward the contract of his dead twin brother. Remember this?, How much of lab experience do you have, the response - I've dissected a frog once . At first it was ju…

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's.

A young naive, eccentric lady Miss Golightly ( :) ) who likes Tiffany's, goes to Tiffany's everyday and has breakfast watching the beautiful jewelery displayed. The new neighbor Paul Varjak who comes to her to ask for a favor will be asked to fetch for the alligator shoe under the bed while she gets ready to go meet a prisoner in Sing Sing for which she gets paid 100$. This is one crazy lady, who goes out for dinner with 26 different people in two months, just does anything she feels like doing, because if she doesn't, she feels she is being put in a cage. The one person she loves too much is her brother Fred. After she comes to know through her ex-husband (yep, she's been married too)that her brother who's army dies in a jeep accident, she crashes. Though Paul who wants to take care of this girl, lets her know that he loves her, she kicks him away for a rich old guy. As they drive in the car ( after being bailed out from the jail) Paul …

On the verge..

.. of messing/screwing/muddling up things. I can sense something is going to get wrong terribly.Or is it just my illusion/exaggeration?
- - - - -
I just noticed/realized,(exactly 3 minutes back), I hardly write about something which makes me happy. So here is it, I bought a new Sony home theatre. And its R-O-C-K-I-N-G!

P.S. It is really Rocking! :D

Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love is a love story written in the language "Poetry". Viola, (the beautiful daughter of a rich merchant) loves poetry and theatre. As women weren't allowed to enact in plays, she disguises herself as a boy names herself Thomas Kent and gets a role in a play,( the play which so far has only a page written by the play writer) William ( Will) Shakespeare, the play writer who was once cheated in love, falls in love with Voila after knowing her truth. The play which was supposed to be a comedy changes track to love story of Romeo and Juliet. Both Will and Viola know they cannot get married, in Viola's words -This is not life, Will. It is a stolen season. The movie continues with the theatre practices in the day and love of Will and Voila in the night, until one day Voila fiancée finds out the truth and takes her away from Will.
This is one good movie soaked in love poetry.


OK, I wrote the title and started staring at it for 10 long minutes. Nothing good which happened in 2010 is crossing my mind ( wait a min , it just did, Thank God). 2010 was agoood umm ok year mmm bad year.
As usual, one can , I can only Hope. Hoping for the best for the days to come.