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Magnum Opus

Now, it isn't really as in title, but it as as good as for me, for us.If I can give a second name for this post,then it would be Name-athon. Some light pretext; we the family are almost there to become grand mom, aunts and uncles, you know what I mean? :) . So, this leaves us with the challenging task of naming the 'him'. (I particularly didn't want to know if its the him or the her, but you know, the more you want to be away from the news, the more the news looks for your ears.) Everyone(that includes me) literally got on this. Suggesting ( or more to say zeroing down on) names from Indian literature to Greek philosophy(of which most of them started with Z), and also, critically assessing the names suggested by the rest of the naming team before discarding it.
As I'm driving, when I see some nice car passing by, I read the names written on the rear glass. Read it aloud. Read it few more times and syllabically different each time. As I sip coffee, I very keenly ask…

An article from TOI - Srirangam: Gateway to Heaven

So, after a long break, the newspaper boy surprised us by delivery the newspaper(TOI) one wintry morning. The below is one of the article of that day's TOI's edition.
Srirangam: Gateway to Heaven To devotees, particularly Vaishnavites, the Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangam near Trichy in Tamil Nadu is their sacred gateway to heaven.

Among the 108 temples in south India that are of utmost importance to Vaishnavites, Srirangam tops the list. Here, Vaishnavai saint Godha Devi is believed to have merged with the idol and attained salvation. According to legend the idol rose up from the celestial Milky Ocean. It is a large, monolithic black statue of Vishnu, reclining on Adisesha, the divine serpent. It was received by Brahma and left in his custody till Vishnu as Rama gave it to Vibheesana, the noble brother of the slain demon king Ravana.

Vibheesana wished to carry it back to Sri Lanka. Rama told him that it was not to be placed down under any circumstances. Vibheesana …

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