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You are welcomed but I won't invite :)

Few friends and people asked me ( yep, the two are two different categories),why I own a blog and don't publish about it. I used to reply "You may be right, but I have my own reason for doing or not doing something". I felt that answer is more than enough.
Today, I feel like writing about it.. (I already have a hint that I'm going to tag this post under - I have nothing to write but I write :P) First of all, I don't like the concept of "automatic notification" being sent to the friends. You sneeze in your blog, there goes a mail to your friend. I consider it no more than SPAM. (No matter how important you are to that person). If they are really interested to know, they'll find out a way, no? ( what says about Subscriptions?)
But people are people and they very rightly have the next query on the tip of the tongue. They ask- So, when you have no intentions of publishing it or letting people know about it, why do you own a blog? Why don't you maintain…

So when I was travelling

to Hyderabad in a bus(after what a year?!), a lady sitting next to me stepped in to start up a conversation.The lady - "Which college?" Me flatteringly - "I finished my studies. I am working" The lady - "Oh so did you join very recently" Me with all smiles "I've been working for 4 years" The lady - "Is it?" with slight surprise which can't be ignore Later the lady continued on how she wanted to finish her degree but couldn't because of early marriage and a kid (Reminds of Balika Vadhu?)
I after reaching Hyderabad, had to finish few tasks in different places. I usually avoid autos. It's either my bike, bus or cab. But as any of them weren't available right away, I took the same auto to commute all along.
Later having done with my work, I boarded another bus back to my home town. A lady sitting next me starts a conversation. And then the history repeats. :D ( Just for the record, I don't use Santoor :P . Currently its N…

Till death do us apart...

I would remember every awesome, awful moments we had buddies! :D
And hence this post goes to all the people whom bear me, namely - my BEST FRIENDS!
When I had a running nose( someone like you mentioned , I have cold for just 365 days of a year), my hankie got overloaded. And when I desperately needed to clean my nose, you look around and after finding none, very reluctantly give forth your tee's sleeve. :D I miss it.
When she tried to inquire why I'm always being pampered by you and that inquiry turns into a nasty talk about me(God! they were so jealous. Yep they had to be!) , they experienced the bitter side of your sweet tongue. When I knew about this through another friend, the exuberant me giggled from inside. I miss it.
You made yourself doubly sure that the B'day gift would reach me on time and for this you sent the gift through someone. Well, you still keep cursing that forgetful friend for giving the gift on the next day. I miss it.
We couldn't meet(correction - t…

Kar Salaam - in Zune at random

So, when I was browsing through my Zune, I came across this song. "Kar Salaam" from "Life in a Metro". I usually skip when I come across a song which I haven't heard or doesn't make animpression within 5 seconds of playtime(sometimes 5 seconds is too much of time). But this one made me listen, replay, rewind, fwd until I got it by heart. Yep I mugged up this song :) . So next time you meet me please ask me to sing this song :) . And if you are someone who already know how I sing ( that is not missing the beat, drums, flute guitar parts, because that is how I mug up) you wouldn't want to miss it. :D
The link to the song. (Source: Youtube)

I am glad I possess this song along with other 1651. Me!
P.S. I should learn a song a day. It it so much fun to have a competition with the player, missing few words, cursing the player for getting it right, rewinding and starting all over again. Yep. Its good.

Going in a win win way

Lately,  the employees of the company I work in started moving out to "explore new opputunities" and few of my friends at the workplace being no exception joined the tradition. I felt terrible when the first two left the company. X-|Yep, lets get this straight, to earn - you work, to work - you know what you need( which definetely doesn't include friends even in the P2 list or does it?). But then that's the pragmatic side of it, and at the end,  you don't want people you like to leave. Right? ( I remember, as a kid, when my loved relatives'(who I can count on single hand) visited us, I hid their footwear(whatever it is) or bag or anything I felt would cause a blocker, as soon as I sensed that they are about to leave :P ) So, to avoid myself from creating a blocker here ( let me confess, I bribed one of my friends to not leave, didn't help though :( ), I started thinking this way. They leave - They are going for better. So, you have a reason to be happy too…

The Soulmate

Soooo, typically, this is how it goes.
Layer 1 A girl and a guy see each other. If the fondness is mutual, they get to know about it(If you've liked someone you'd know this is true). They start talking to each other. Yep and then meet and talk and meet and talk. The girl thinks, there couldn't be anyone better than that guy and the guy.. not sure. They try to do anything(going out of way sometimes, actually, most of the times) to please each other. This continues.

Layer 2 The girl being little pretty is being asked for the hand by people in the community. The grandmother says to the girl "He is in UK. Earns in lakhs and has bought a home" . The girls shuns the thought off saying "Earns well and owns a home!. wow! Good for him. But I'm not interested". The grandma does stop trying. The girl on the other hand proudly denies and so very sure about whom she is going to be with, rest of her life.

Layer 3 You didn't pick up my call!! (I'm sure you can g…

Take it easy. Take it light.

We the people are on this everlasting and never ending endeavour of making life complicated. The life, in the meanwhile passes on,  as they say, life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. We take things in life too seriously than they deserve. In this race of being the best, getting the best we tend to ignore the thoughts of having peaceful life.Sit back, relax and think over, What is important in life to you? I did. And one important thing to me is, relations over petty grudges. And hence,  I started forgiving people. I stopped thinking about anything beyond good and positive about anyone. Yep too much of anything( which includes even good) isn't good, but then you would know where to stop the good and be neutral. And once you get  the basics like these(if you really understood what I meant above) straight, the rest is easy. Life gets easy.
- Uncomplicating life, Me