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My Wishlist for this year - the Status check

I wrote this post some 8 months back. Here the status of the action items.

1.12:00 AM in the midnight, sneak out of home. Drive to some nearest Kwality Walls Dabba wala, buy cone and drive back home eating the ice-cream. To do all this I need company. I am scared of darkness
{Can be done, there is still a chance}

2.Wake up on one bright Sunday morning, get the essentials done. Go out on shopping. Buy anything I feel like buying. Do the same for the entire day (literally). And and I don't have to pay the bill. (wow!)

3.Eating the most exotic food. Something I'm scared of trying.
{Can be done, right away. No worries}

4.Visit Seveth Heaven and Sixth Element!
{The chances are very thin, But yes}

5.Go on a 10 day trip/tour to Rajasthan. And also, blog about it.
{For a girl like you I think this is lil ambitious, but you can do this. Good Luck}

6.Capturing 12 most wonderful moments.
{Possible Possible}

7.A tiny winy tattoo(!) on my arm
{Wait a min, you go round the home to avoid an injection and…

All rise, here comes the prince

The prince all of 20 months old, graces us by staying in the home almost for the entire day.You are supposed to leave the doors open ajar as the prince may want to enter and leave the kingdom as he wishes. He glances at his favorite sofa. Its the cue for the person to get up. You don't want to? Sure, please do it at your own risk. His Majesty likes to watch the TV by standing 2 inches away from it. And the people around are supposed look at his bum. He also cleanses the sofa, floor..etc.. with his holy water. If I complain, he goes and complains to my! mom!. If you have a chocolate, the roles are swapped. Prince changes to a follower.
All said, he has THE MOST CUTEST SMILE :) and BIG EYES and TOOTHLESS GRIN :) And hence nothing he does really bothers me much.(sometimes :P)


Obsessed FB

Did you ever notice 'Get Connected' segment on your FB page! ? This is what it has -
Get Connected
Who's on Facebook? Find your Friends
Who's not on Facebook? Invite them now
Who's here because of you? (The winner!) Track your invites
Connect on the go Try Facebook mobile
Why do you haunt me like a ghost, stay away!

Aisha? Aaila

Aisha or Aaisha. When Im in such uncertainity I contact my Google. This movie isn't worthy of such toil.
Aisha - the beetle girl who's wholesome ambition of the day is to spend thousands of plastic money in which ever way possible. Oh yeah, she does event management. But then why does her father cry over paying her credit card bill.

Karan - Spared. you did your job.

Misc - family and friends( whom she carries around as tails, yes yes literally)

Aisha character - not sure. even her after realization character seems so very pathetic. its like she has given up and is faking to be nice whereas she is supposed to have realized the true meaning of love and friendship.

The movie stood on a single leg called Abhay Deol.

I didn't put money, but next time I would rather gaze into space than watch such movie.


P.S. I wish my father had loads(add 13 more S) of money too.

The Conflict

between kind and cruel.

why does one , nope I am not concerned about anyone... So why do I have to be Kind and good and nice. I want to be bad and cruel and rebellious. Don't people estrange you?(They do, Experimental proven by Me!, Let me know if you need more details.) Because that is how I like to be.

Nevertheless, there is a difference betweeen what I am and what I want! to be. To be the way I want to be, I have to put in a lot of extra effort. But if I don't be the way I want to be , and I be what I am, I'm taken for granted for everything by everyone.

So you say strike the balance? Nope, striking the balance is not what I am or what I want to be. I can't keep calculating at each point whether to be kind or cruel. My coin have only two sides.

{scratching my head on how to end this post}


{and the lazy in me says, Don't waste your resources. Niether in this post nor in trying to be something, just go with the flow}

I am bound to agree.

Scribbling something just f…

All I can say is "God Bless him with the best"

There were a rows of vehicles parked near a building, mine being one among them.
I entered the building and having remembered that I forgot something, I went back to my bike, took out what I needed and entered the building.

After a two hours after being done my business I left the place and was approaching my bike.
I had a hint that I was missing something. My bike keys. I just started backtracking mentally to the places I've been to. Just then a man approaches me and says "are these your keys?"

I thanked him wholeheartedly which doesn't in anyway equal to the action he did. He's been waiting there for more than 2 hours just to return my bike keys. He could have used those keys to take out my wallet my credit card and 'precious hard earned' driving license and come-on the bike itself!
I stared at him with a huge smile for 2 minutes with sheer astonishment. He didn't look back at me though. I wanted to ask him out for lunch.( I thought that lil too much and…

going on all time low...

I don't like failing in anything I do. Because I camouflage myself with a mere layer of confidence and that layer vanishes just after a failure(no matter how minor or unimportant that is) which comes even after I've put my best. I therefore start going on a low note too scared to do anything.
This has always been a trend with me. To regain my confidence, no mentoring or no nice actions from the people around me would help, unless I do something worth being proud of myself(which is winning).
The failure sometimes is not just due to incomplete or lack of preparation but also due to the pressure that mounts and overtakes me, the pressure of my family and friends expecting me to be nothing but the best. The last time I had this feeling was when I got an apparently low score for my GRE, I even had a coach too.(there are few of my friends who are doing their MS with a score lesser than me). But since I missed the expectations I felt terrible! I've appeared for GRE the second time.…