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The Prodigal Daughter's excerpts.

Richard - American.
Sir Colin - English
After closing a business deal..
Sir Colin - "By the way, congratulations on that moon chappie"
"What?" said Richard
"You've put a man on the moon"
"Good heavens"said Richard
"No, not quite,' said Sir Colin , 'but I'm sure that's what NASA has planned next'.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Florentyna: But you still owe me fifteen million and fifty six dollars
Where did the fifty six come from? said Richard
From our San Francisco days, You've never repaid me that fifty six dollars I lent you before we were married
You said it was a dowry
No, you said it was a dowry. I said it was a loan.
Later the next day, Florentyna recieves a gift and a card..

I hope that this will be acceptable security until I can return the fifty-six dollars, plus interest -Richard Kane
The gift is a diamond brooch.

There are more like these for every couple of pages throughtout the book, but are interrelat…

Three mistake of my..

last week( not sure how people end up making only three mistakes in a 'life'time)

1. Never Never drown the bike again.
2. If I lose my temper, its good if I put it to myself. People don't need it.
3. Dont remember the third one. umm, should be forgetfulness... (I think)

Edited to add: 2 refers to a not so polite mail written in rage to a particular professional.
Strike 2: ........

After strike 2, I have only one request to The Creator.
Next time when you mould me (if at all you have any plans as such), please make sure to include 2 full cups of Patience. You somehow forgot to include this crucial ingredient this time.
That alright, but please don't repeat.

The Printer's Assault

Yes I agree. You write the best code and yes you test it in the best possible way, You people are gems of mankind. But lets get few basics straight.
A printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copyof documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies. (Source: Wiki)

1. Which also means to collect a printout you should not only stare at the output tray but also give a glance if the input paper tray is empty. If you find it empty, you don't have to be Einstein's incarnation to realize that it needs to be refilled.

2. Accumulating all your energies at your palm and thrashing the printers doors does not give an extra dark print. Unfortunately, the toner doesn't get your palm language.

3. When the printer screams and screeches it means that there is definitely something wrong. So again instead of staring at the box lets do some action.

4. Yep I can always help you with your printer( that is what I'm being paid for) but please…

Happy Indepedence Day!

Happy Independence day.
Suraj ek, Chanda ek, taare anek,a short film which depicts that unity is strength. If not for the message lets watch this for the memories it brings back. Ek Anek

A simple post..

and its various reactions

nice, but who is this 'R' Kallu?

Hey why din't you call me when you were not feeling well?

Hey I loved your post, put it back. I'm giving you only a minute to do so( I've made the post offline few hours after posting it, this was the reaction for that action)

No reaction

There is definitely something fishy.... ( I know you can't come up with anything better. So yes, its not only fishy its sharky)

As for me, I am disappointed with few of my friends.

Movie and Movie

violent,evil, wild, fiercesome movie which is of no good. I hate this movie and also anything/anyone who is even remotely related to it. I felt sick after watching this super senseless and stupid movie.
A brave lady in the past life burries a evil man alive (?) (wow, I don't remember much, God bless my memory). Then in the incarnation/rebirth she destroys him completely.It would have been good if its only this simple. But no, the director/screenplay writer make this as senseless as it can be by adding all types and varities of voilence which can be executed on a woman. And the people were like, oh wow, thats such a great movie blah blah. Watever. please , watever.

Its a simple love story(I think I can say this). It doesn't deserve such blunt criticism. The lead actors just played they part perfectly. If it wasn't only for the juggle between multiple languages and the hindi subtitles in the smallest possible font, I would have added this movie to my favourites…

Kane & Abel's Jeffrey Archer

"See! this is why I love Jeffrey Archer " is what I kept evidencing myself when something surprising happens in the book as I read on.
Two different life of two amibitous people entwined with ease in a story which lasts for sixty years.The twists with right timing and the right torque made the book as 'cantputdown'.

I don't want to accept this but but, I am unhappy just a bit (just tiny bit). William Kane who was so agile,shrewd at 16 to 20 should have been better at 35, isn't? And same is for Abel. As time grew does the smartness fizz off? I say this because, even when I could guess whats coming up if I did certain thing, why didn't the Harvard student forsee it?
But lets not think about this trivial disagreements for the book was amusing and there was happy ending(a +).

Reading Prodigal Daughter(the sequel)

1 and 2 and 3 and 4

4 years of evolving, 4 years of passion.
Professional, I'm sure I wasn't any better.
Personally, I've transformed to a different person totally. I used to be a 22 years kid. Now I feel I am 30-35.


Pursuit of Happiness..

The story of a salesman with a staggering career,who after his wife left opted to take care of his son. The string of hurdles, the closed doors and yet at the end happiness pursues him :)

the lines I like -
... the next day after work we went to a beach. Away from anything and everything... Away from the worries which go in my ten galleons of brain.

Can I say something? Um, I'm the type of person that if you ask me a question and I don't know the answer, I'm gonna tell you that I don't know. But I bet you what, I know how to find the answer and I will find the answer.

Son: Knock Knock
Dad: Who's there?
Son: Nobody
Dad: Nobody who?
Son: Silent
Dad:Nobody who?
Son: doesn't respond
Dad: Ha! thats a good one :) :)


P.S. Even this movie didn't help me in lifting my mood.

Thank you.

.....My lead/boss was on long leave, leaving me as the point of contact. And on a certain day, I was overwhelmed with the things I had to take care. R comes along and says "Too much to handle?". I was like - How did he sense this?. I just looked at him, supressing my surprise and got back to my work a three seconds later.

.....I was down with fever,alone in my home. No one to take care of me or take me to hospital. My the then manager(R) says over the phone "You want me to take you to hospital?"

.....My terms with my manager(a different one) weren't going well. There was some friction between us which was almost like a stone in the shoe for me. I didn't like the environment. I was pissed off. I broke out. R knew about the broke out part through another friend. And again another surprisingly relieving reaction.

.....With the recent events taking place at my workplace, people started looking out for other oppurtunites. I was playing blind. Why? Because personall…