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Until a week ago...

Me: Lets go to cafeteria, I am hungry
Mrig: Bas ye ek bug katam karlu, phir chelenge.
Me: You always have something to do only when I am hungry
Mrig: Bas dho minute ha, main atahu tumare desk pe..

To present..

Location : Our office cafeteria..
Actors: Me and Mrig
Scene: The usual (which is me munching and Mrig giving up on me after ordering me a 100th time to avoid the the thing I am eating)

Mrig: "I'll tell you something If only you promise me to not beat me unto death"
Me: I Very casually, mouthfully replied "Go ahead"
Mrig: I'm leaving.
And here ladies and gentlemen the tantrums started.
I Stopped eating samosa.
Moved away the biscuits which were in the queue next to a creamroll
Shouted "Who gave you the permission"
"Get out I am not talking to you"
Started hitting the floor with my feet like a kid who was just denied her ice-cream
Mrig: Listen yaar, please don't do this
Me: Silence.. which lasted for almost a day

Later he explained me the situation after which the respect I have for him only grew more.
I'm very very happy for him, he is going towards a better life. But let me tell you this, even if Mrig goes on a one day leave, I feel so lonely at office. He is my one-stop-shop for almost everything.

And the transformation into a YESMAN" started here.

Me: Cafeteria ? ( we've already been there 4 times)
Mrig: Sure( the 5th sure, without even a tinge of denial)

Me: Mrig, go get me so and so.
Mrig: Sure

Me: I need to sync my Zune, I need you machine
Mrig: Sure , I'll do my work later.

...this list goes on.. which means he doesn't say anything which is even in the farthest proximity of 'no' thesedays. And I'm leaving no chance of exploiting him. I need to make up for everything in less than 3 weeks :(

I'll miss him.... But this is life. And I know anyday I'll need him , he'll always be there for me :)

Good Luck Mrigyy!!! I'm glad to have met and befriended you.


  1. Wishing Mrig all the bery best!!!!, Seriously hillarious.... I was imaginging the scene and also your voice.. oh my God!!!!


    Be happy and yeah this is life, if life is a journey, ppl like him are good companions, but they have to leave at their destination.. kada!!!!

  2. Excellent one. This made me smile :-)

    I can imagine mrig reading this and saying "arey yaar! tu post kiya"

    Yeah we'll miss him!

  3. Keshav, yeah. :)
    But I doubt if he would read this. He forgets every second day that I own a blog

  4. thanks to the person who reminded you :)


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