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!Expectation != !Disappointment

By which I mean to say , even if you have no expectation, few people do possess a rare attribute of disappointing you anyway.

The TV show Avatar - The Last Airbender was one of the shows my sis insisted me on watching. On persuading one my friends K, I got all the Books (Book1 - Water , Book2 - Earth, Book3 - Fire). I started loving Aang, Katara, Sokka instantly, Sokka being my favorite. I was sad the day I finished all the chapters. I tweeted, FB-ed about it :( . I thought there is atleast the movie to look forward to.. :)

Alas, the movie was a big disappointment( actually disappointment is the best humble word I could think of) and the reviews were full of rotten tomatoes. But being a fan of The Last Airbender, I dared to watch it and with absolutely no expectations.

Alas again, I found it no more than a rip of the most entertaining TV series, like a gag made to defame it.

No, its not the way 'the Avatar' should be introduced.
Yes, background score could have fetched you lesser rotten tomatoes.
No, you are not supposed to make 'The Avatar' cry wherever you feel like crying.
Where are the warriors of Kyoshi? Where is the king of Omashu?
Yes, little fun would have filled atleast 1/4 of the theatre.
And yes, the actor can atleast give a low squeal when then are hit by something. It just adds a feel and yes lesser tomatoes.
The Avatar escaping is not your tea time casual topic, and hence show some astonishment!
Why is the fire lord not wearning a crown?
Having all NRI actors helps your pocket(correction - helps only your pocket! )
Why did I feel the fight between the best fire bender and the best air bender is nothing more than a wrangle between two kids?
Why was the word 'Spirit' mentioned more than the word Avatar? We are out of 'Sixth Sense' so lets concentrate on Avatar.
Why is the bending bent, squeezed,crushed and thrown out of the movie?
Finally, the climax. Actually leave it. There is no point.

throw your megaphone and get out from that chair. I'll direct Book 2 and Book 3.



  1. That is the best review for Avatar I've read so far.

  2. Yep the best review..
    should be working for NY times


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