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Lil Nightmarish

A joke was cracked and I was laughing out loud. A person 'R' sitting aroud me noticed this and came over.

R: Friday is your last working day
Me: ??
R: Today is Wednesday and Friday is your last working day. You have two options 1. You can either go to China? 2. or you can leave the company
China because- This is place where the calculations about who should stay with the company and who would stay out of the company is done.
I wanted to ask, are you going to pay for the fares?
Me: (did a quick processing about how much it would take to go to China and the ROI) Thats ok, I won't go to China
R: I am doing Sprint planning. If you want I can include you in this project
Me: You've asked me to leave once, So I would leave
R: Okay. Do you have any questions?
Me: (I thought for sometime, looked up to the speaker and asked )I don't have to fill up my MITs now right?

Of all the fears and things chasing me, and of all the things I'll have to worry if I don't have a job, writin…

!Expectation != !Disappointment

By which I mean to say , even if you have no expectation, few people do possess a rare attribute of disappointing you anyway.

The TV show Avatar - The Last Airbender was one of the shows my sis insisted me on watching. On persuading one my friends K, I got all the Books (Book1 - Water , Book2 - Earth, Book3 - Fire). I started loving Aang, Katara, Sokka instantly, Sokka being my favorite. I was sad the day I finished all the chapters. I tweeted, FB-ed about it :( . I thought there is atleast the movie to look forward to.. :)

Alas, the movie was a big disappointment( actually disappointment is the best humble word I could think of) and the reviews were full of rotten tomatoes. But being a fan of The Last Airbender, I dared to watch it and with absolutely no expectations.

Alas again, I found it no more than a rip of the most entertaining TV series, like a gag made to defame it.

No, its not the way 'the Avatar' should be introduced.
Yes, background score could have fetched you lesser r…


when I am around certain people,(namely R( my cousin), C( my younger sis), M( my friend)) the usual me( which is pro proactive) start to dimish and then a new me arises, where in the laziness goes to saturation and starts oozing.


Until a week ago...

Me: Lets go to cafeteria, I am hungry
Mrig: Bas ye ek bug katam karlu, phir chelenge.
Me: You always have something to do only when I am hungry
Mrig: Bas dho minute ha, main atahu tumare desk pe..

To present..

Location : Our office cafeteria..
Actors: Me and Mrig
Scene: The usual (which is me munching and Mrig giving up on me after ordering me a 100th time to avoid the the thing I am eating)

Mrig: "I'll tell you something If only you promise me to not beat me unto death"
Me: I Very casually, mouthfully replied "Go ahead"
Mrig: I'm leaving.
And here ladies and gentlemen the tantrums started.
I Stopped eating samosa.
Moved away the biscuits which were in the queue next to a creamroll
Shouted "Who gave you the permission"
"Get out I am not talking to you"
Started hitting the floor with my feet like a kid who was just denied her ice-cream
Mrig: Listen yaar, please don't do this
Me: Silence.. which lasted for almost a …