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Pause. Sort out. Move on...

I get upset with no much effort from anyone or anything.
For one, I can't handle trouble when it lands upon me without prior notice. And hence I be too agile and keep looking for the slightest hint of trouble.
I feel its my responsibility to take the load of my family at home and my team at work. I feel so very obliged about everyone and everything around me that, even when I'm driving I go out of my way to give way to the one behind me so that they can pass away soon( he's honking too much, may be he has something more important,)
I take more than what I can possibly handle and then because I take more than what I can possibly handle, I miss my expectations. Added to this, I curse myself for missing the benchmark. I expect too much from me when the outcome does good to others.(Its quite the opposite if the outcome benefits me).
And the amalgamation of all the above mentioned reason makes me upset rather frequently.
The tiny spring of upset when rendezvous with my thoughts erupts into a huge volcano. Insane me.

On one such instance where in the volcano was on the verge of eruption, I started the usual conselling of me. This time I was successful in resolving myself.

Pause. At this point, according to you , how many things are not the way you'd expect them to be. You got the number.
Sort out. How many of them can you really handle without being too mean with yourself. For the rest, what can happen at the worst case? After so much bad, it can only get better. The One up there will never let things drop from the hands.
Move on. Work on the ones you can handle with wholesome honesty to resolve it.
Just affirm yourself, He won't give you more than what you can handle.


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