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Pause. Sort out. Move on...

I get upset with no much effort from anyone or anything.
For one, I can't handle trouble when it lands upon me without prior notice. And hence I be too agile and keep looking for the slightest hint of trouble.
I feel its my responsibility to take the load of my family at home and my team at work. I feel so very obliged about everyone and everything around me that, even when I'm driving I go out of my way to give way to the one behind me so that they can pass away soon( he's honking too much, may be he has something more important,)
I take more than what I can possibly handle and then because I take more than what I can possibly handle, I miss my expectations. Added to this, I curse myself for missing the benchmark. I expect too much from me when the outcome does good to others.(Its quite the opposite if the outcome benefits me).
And the amalgamation of all the above mentioned reason makes me upset rather frequently.
The tiny spring of upset when rendezvous with my thoughts…


X: That is going to be a surprise
Me: oh why? but thats totally okay with me! I love surprises
X: Btw, tell me a number , that is the number of surprise gifts you get.
Me: (After pondering for few seconds) 99
X: What? 99! how can you do that?!
Me: :-D :-D and no repetitives.
X: I wouldn't even if you ask.
.... .... after few minutes

Me: chalo, tell me what is number 1 of the list of 99
X: do you understand what a surprise means?
Me: No no just a hint.
X: Go check you dictionary baby.

All I do when I have time now is, think what these 99 are going to be.

Mystical Sufi

To the recent visit to Crosswords, I've got a Sufi Music ACD - The very best of Soulful Sufi( I know impressive name)
The list-
Shukaran Allah
Zindagi Ye
Chaandan Mein
Teri Justajoo
Iktara(Male) so different from the one in "Wake up Sid" (different in a good sense btw)
Dil Ibaadat
Teri Deewani
Ek Lau
Bandya Fast
Allah Ho
Ha Raham Mehfuz
Tere Bin Nahin Lagda
Ali Maula Ehsaan
Tu Hi Haqeeqat Sajni
Chaap Tilak
Noor UI Allah Noor

............ and lots more....

I think those few bucks were well spent.

With my sony earphones its all day Sufi today.


P.S. I finally wrote something!!!!