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4 Books

Making up time, I've been on reading spree from past few weeks.

Where girls dare - Bhavna Chauhan.
Stupid Cupid - Mamang Dai
Trust me - Rajashree
Anything for you ma'am - Tushar Raheja

Where girls dare - Bhavna Chauhan

The brief of the book -
So cadets, how’s the morale?’‘High Sir!’ we boys and girls screamed in unison.‘Should we tighten your training?’‘Yes sir, give us more!’‘Good!’ he said. Then whispered to the chief instructor, ‘Tighten their discipline.Toughen their schedule. I’ve never seen such happy cadets. This is not a party!’

Honestly, the above mentioned one and few other good bits are what you would appreciate in this book. And thats it. After the first few chapter, the book turns into something which you can predict. But they are few situation where you can relate to the girls, though not being a LC( lady cadet).
But Bhavna, When did girls dare. ? Though the LC grew up to be tough and stood up to the expectation, I surely missed the daring part. You don't mean toughn…