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The world has gone unhinged and the people are heedlessly fiddling around.

everything has become a business and only business. Its only money.
I'm a politician and I mustn't be bothered about anything until I get my share of the filth I love to dig in.
I'm a doctor and I shouldn't really be bothered about anything as long as I keep my patients heathly sick and cure once and mess them twice.
I'm a store owner, my big AC-ed store permits me to sop up people.
I'm a social servant, and yes I am asked not to be bothered.
I belong to the media. My job is show everything said above and my job is also to interpolate. Thats it! I leave the rest the leaders and social servants.
I'm a common man, who deligently pays the taxes and if isn't asking too much of you, for once, just do what you are supposed to do.

The Fairy Tale Ending

... You might find me adoring/watching/reading any dully dumb or uninterestingly boring movie/book just because it ends with an "and they lived happily ever after."
Yep, I looooooove happy endings.(specially when the "they" here are a lovely couple) and Yep I looooooove love stories.( But strangely I didn't really like "Love Story- Erich Segal", yes I have reasons, but later. now its time for love)
How many of you have seen License to wed? You didn't? Then, avoid. But me, I would halt this post here and run to the TV if I knew ... you know...
Ben, procrastinates the task of writing the vows in his vow book, which they are supposed to be reading out on the wedding day. Saddie frustrated by this and more, calls off the wedding and leaves to a place which she planned to go on a honeymoon after the wedding.
Ben, reaches the place, calls her up and asks her to look down through the window. Ben who forgets to get the vow book, writes the vows on the sand. S…