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The ads that made an impression

On a Sunday afternoon, I for a change had nothing to brood about (!). People who've been watching me past few months must have been awed by this. But yes, there were no open processing threads in there.

But this didn't last for too long. I after watching this programme "Storyboard- edited by Anuradha Sengupta", was thinking about the ads thats made an impression. There are a quite few. But here's the list of first five, few of which are from my childhood days.
1. Dhara Jeelebi Ad You say Dhara, the next word that comes to me is Jeelebi with appropriately the same tone as the kiddo. And to this day, I love jeelebis. Thanks to this sweet ad.
2. The healthy oil for healthy people Whenever I watched this ad, I used to stare at those large gulab jamoons, wondering how did they make such big things.3. Hamar Bajaj4. Cadbury DairyMilk and this 5. Doodh hai wonderful I'm not really fond of milk. But if I have to, I sing this to myself and it does the trick.6. One black c…
This is conversation between me and Brad(Developer(at Mountainview)of a feature I work on)

Day1 ( actually Night1) Time 10:23 PM IST
Brad: Kalyani, Can I propose that you just confirm that my testing is correct? This is going to be quite involved if you have never setup.
( I see this as great offense especially to QA like me, about whom I think of very high :D)

Me: Brad, I would give up if I could't setup the server until tomorrow morning.( I vouched to myself that I would stay up at office all night until I finished this, after all QA ki Izzat ka sawal hai bhai)

I finished setting up the environment by 1:30 AM. Told Brad the same.

Brad: Awesome!

Night 2 Time 9:30 IST
The fix broke, it didnt work, conveyed the same to Brad.
Me: Brad, can you please do the necessary change?
Brad: Ok, But then you will need to repeat the entire test.
Me: Thats ok Brad

after an hour or so

Brad: Just sent the fix
Me: Cool
Brad: Sorry
Me: No problem Brad. Things like these happen. (ahem, modesht me:) )
Brad: Thanks f…

e... r.... err? nope!

In a haste to quickly find out something, I hurriedly typed to be in an IE.
Whats next?
well o well, You find out and tell me?

The feeling that people think, Restored!


and today it creeps out graciously

I've been handling money( nope not the pocket money, the really hard earned :) money) from past 44 months.

The picture of me drawing money from an ATM for the first time is still in the memory archive :)

Going to ATM and drawing money was like fun, later there was drawing money but the fun part turned into a not really interesting task( you got to work really hard. Insert a card, type the pin, select the options..... sigh)

when the not really interesting view was on the verge to change to a boredom view, this struck me.. When I collect my cash, "I Never found/got a Rs. 1000 note!"

And then, the project started... only I know what all I did to get atleast a 1000.
I drew some(read as lots) of thousand on one day - I got a huge bundle of 500
I woke up early in the morning (to be the first greedy one to draw the money) so that I could get a 1000 - The ATM wasn't refilled yet. ( these people I tell you are very lazy)
My search continued...

And today...

I got to an …

Woman's Bill Passed Yay!

muhahaha! phew! it was tough man! :)
I know I really didn't do much , actually I didn't do anything for this to happen, but when I foresee the good coming in future times, I draw a smile :)

Go here for more!
let the celebrations begin!!

P.S. Now nothing can stop me from being a teacher of a government school ! :) (a good one though, I mean I am talking about me being a good teacher, you thought I was talking about good school na? , actually yes, I meant the school)

P.P.S. Did you notice the P.S part is longer than the actual post. oh you did not? muchi!(which is freeze in our lingo and you are not supposed to think P.S is longer now, because I said muchi before you realized)

Seriously, what did I just write?

The -

Now the dash I mean in the next few lines is not the same dash I meant in the title(to which we'll get back later)

Few days ago we had a company wide meeting called Dash, (the venue being Novotel Conference halls) where in you are usually supposed to be your's company patron and do the likely.

There were presentations from different department which showcased the past the present and the future plans. And in the course of meeting we were asked few questions from the presentations which went on.

At a certain question ..

Question by the VP : Mention a weakness and a strength of LM and PM presented in the SWOT (Strength, weakness, oppurtunities and Threats)analysis.

After a few seconds I shot up my hand ( now to be completely truthful, I haven't spoken in a mike for ... wait... when did I give mylast speech? yeah back in School in my 10th standard and so I wanted to speak in a mike then and there!)
I stood up and started with the answer like this.. Am um..
The VP then said yo…

Silk. The Ewww. The Wow!

Lets open it with the wow!

Silk, wrapped in a glossy wrap, is sweeter than its ancestors, ( fill this gap with superlative admirations) its more soft. Yum!
Its now quite mouthful with its thicker and wider blocks/cubes/pieces ( what else can you ask for :D )
Melts in the mouth! Even if you finish the chocolate, the taste stays with you to relish... mmmm
This is what a good chocolate-eater was waiting for.

Now the Ewww...

First thing first. There is no 5, 10, 15, 30 Rs Silk. You pay 49 you get it.
The first bite, and there (seriously!) I thought for a second I might choke to death.
To gulp in 50g of Silk you need approximately 300 ml of liquid(preferably water). And please note that the quantity of liquid to be consumed might vary depending on your threshold level for sweetness with softness. The over healthly fat blocks just make it more difficult for a good-chocolate eater.
And once you are done it, do make sure to check your sugar levels.

P.S: Just enjoy the ad you see in TV. Thats more inter…

and Disorders rule the bollywood.

Ok, was this there earlier or is it only now that bollywood-ies are more keen towards discovering the human disorders ?

Most likely it all started with Aamir Khan and Darsheel with Dyslexia in Taare Zameen Par. When the not-so-curious(I know it won an oscar, but honestly how many of us enjoyed the movie other than admiring the makeup artistry) Curious case of Benjamin Button was moving to history, Paa was getting ready in Bollywood. Paa's son has Progeria and there its a hit.

Lately Karthik Calling Karthik came up with Schizophrenia (split personality). And MNIK( you ask me how the movie is ? , thats a different story/post) portraits the story of Rizwan Khan( no the name wasn't changed after the Airport Authority-Shah Rukh Khan's encounter) has asperger syndrome and yep it did work for the movie.

So you go for a bolly movie, though the movie suffices the need of entertainment or not, you surely would get to know more about the human disorder arenas.( I Knew)