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An excerpt from "Life of Pi"

My experience cues me not to usually, really be amused by any book which has won the author a Booker Prize or any Prize for that matter, but specially Booker Prize.

This book seems to be an exception. Few excerpts from the book.

Note: I love being lazy and anything remotely related to Lazy or laziness, and this can be why the below mentioned few lines struck me strong (doesn't really go with the Lazy in the same line :) )

I had the great luck one summer of studying the three-toes sloth in situ in the equatorial jungles of Brazil.It is a highly intriguing creature. Its only real habi is indolence. It sleep or rests on average twenty hours a day.Our team tested the sleep habits of five wild sloths by placing on their heads, in the early evening after they had fallen asleep, bright red plastic dishes filled with water. We found them still in place late the next morning, the water of the dishes swarming with insects. The sloth is at its busiet at sunset, using the word 'busy' her…

Paulo Coelho and me

I give up. Pardon me, but I can never understand what point does Paulo Coelho wishes to make through/in his books. I know I know he has a point, but why a big book when the story in that book in no way helps one(atleast me) to understand the point(!)?

When I started "The Alchemist", I did it with an optimistic mind that I'm going to for sure learn something.
And then, as I progressed, putting aside the learning part, I couldn't understand the previous line as I progressed through the next line.. lines turned to paras.. paras to pages but I was there - Blank.

When the feeling I got in my first encouter faded, I started with Veronika Decides to Die and the history repeated itself.


All said, he makes few fine and strong impressions through his words... like in Alchemist , its about chasing your dreams and being positive no matter whatever happens.

In Veronika... "Its always necesssary to have restraint madness"

I think just few notes like these make one to pi…

He's now on my bedside....

I saw him first during my visit to a Mall a year ago. But I couldn't make him mine, coz the universe was against me. Ever since then, I keep thinking of him and the fun I would have if he were with me.

Few months later today, I took a detour from my workplace and another detour to Crosswords. There I saw him again. He was in a perfect book with a perfect shape and price. Just as I wanted.

There I plunged and grabbed( there were 100 other copies too, but I wanted it to be lil dramatic) "The Essential Calvin and Hobbes - A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury"

As I got home, I stared at the book with excitement, smelled the new pages and took a deep breath :)

Now he's on my bedside and will always be :)

Cherishing my new owned treasure

My blog in Google search :-( :-)

Me typing in the Google search bar .. "Kalyani Haridasyam"
:( My facebook link ( thats its? my blog then? it has my name too. Whoat? you listed it somewhere in the 12th line of 56th page?? are you nuts? )

I want it in the first page!!!! yes only on the first page!!!

And so again...

Me typing in the search bar.. "Myths Mythoughts"
Bawwwwwww ( here imagine me as Calvin in this)

And yet again, rubbing my eyes and cleaning my running nose (Um, actually, I didnt have time to go and clean, just backtracked the running thing, gross ? 8-I that, I am, sometimes only)
me filled with vengance typed... "Myths Mythoughts dreamer"

Tada! there it is on the first page 2nd link

And then! I cooled down. If not, I.. I.. I would have changed the engine to a different and better one!

P.S : After this, i tried Bing just to cross check .Not seeing my blog atleast on the 4th! page made be realize never to Binge on Bing


12:00 AM in the midnight, sneak out of home. Drive to some nearest Kwality Walls Dabba wala, buy cone and drive back home eating the ice-cream. To do all this I need company. I am scared of darkness

Wake up on one bright Sunday morning, get the essentials done. Go out on shopping. Buy anything I feel like buying. Do the same for the entire day (literally). And and I don't have to pay the bill. (wow!)

Eating the most exotic food. Something I'm scared of trying.

Visit Seveth Heaven and Sixth Element!

Go on a 10 day trip/tour to Rajasthan. And also, blog about it.

Capturing 12 most wonderful moments.

A tiny winy tattoo(!) on my arm