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Nope its not Resolutions its Realizations

When others are/were busy with taking resolutions for the new year, I lay back do a rewind and walk through what I realized in the last year.

$$ Nothing is more important than what you think is important to you.
$$ Heartfelt good wishes and blessings do come true!
$$ How much ever you try to make someone's life easy by trying to take all their worries, you won't be able to succeeded unless the other person wants the same too.
$$ A workplace is only a place to work( in double codes).
$$ If you want to celebrate, the day doesn't matter and if you don't want to celebrate, the day doesn't matter.
$$ Every problem has a solution, yes it does for sure. But if you don't find a solution to a problem then it means that its not a problem. Things are meant to be that way and you have to live on.
$$ Be selfish. (folks around me are forcing me to practice this)
$$ To do something you need a acknowlegdment just from yourself. ( Should have realised ages back, I'm a slow learner …


there is darkness around, a timid girl( who poses herself as strong) is walking and balancing herself on a thin rope. She has no option other than keep on walking on it in the darkness. As she moves on, she glances around to see if there is someone coming for her. She does the same for the every new step she takes and ends with disappointment. She encounters only darkness each time she looks around to see if there is a support coming towards her.And so she continues waiting and walking in the darkness,because she doesn't want to give herself any choice other than walking on the thin rope in darkness....

And, you are called a celebrity?

There is nothing wrong or it doesn't show that you haven't worked hard if you credit someone for what they deserve.
Reading the book and watching the movie some three years later, just makes me think that Chetan Bhagat deserves to be called as one of the story writers of the movie.

.... now this again takes me back to my ever pending post "who is a celebrity" ?

pa pa pa pa pa.... auro.... pa pa pa pa pa.... auro

Ironically its very tough to make a simple movie, and paa just falls in such simple category which people don't venture to try out.
Vidya( played by Vidya Balan) and Amol( played by Jr. AB) fall in love. Vidya later becomes the single mum of Auro( played by AB). Auro is just like any other normal kid with a genetic disorder( don't remember the name) . The story takes into account the fine details of a kid's mentality.AB does more that just stepping into a 12 yr old school going fun loving kid with his witty dialogues.. Vidya's performance as a single mother and a doctor was just super. I love the scene where Vidya explains to a lady in park who enquire about disfigured Auro. I didnt like much of Jr. AB other than that he potraits the model of the next gen honest politician.and then there is Auro grandma who justifies her part.
on the whole paa is a warm and heart felt movie.

p.s. If given a choice I would want to change the name to Maa.

Why just happy? Wishing a awesome!!! year ahead!!

when wishing, the other me asks me this

how would one know if its a new year or not if there weren't any dates? on a new year there wouldn't be 2 moons or 3 suns, its just like a any other normal day

why on the 1st day of the year people are excited about new year resolution? why are we waiting for the change in the last numerics of a date to take a resolution?

Why do people celebrate new year? why isn't there any celebration everyday?

why is it consider almost as a crime if you sleep early on 31st december?

I asked the other me to shut up and she had the new year resolution of making people happy and so no more.