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Magnum Opus

Now, it isn't really as in title, but it as as good as for me, for us.If I can give a second name for this post,then it would be Name-athon. Some light pretext; we the family are almost there to become grand mom, aunts and uncles, you know what I mean? :) . So, this leaves us with the challenging task of naming the 'him'. (I particularly didn't want to know if its the him or the her, but you know, the more you want to be away from the news, the more the news looks for your ears.) Everyone(that includes me) literally got on this. Suggesting ( or more to say zeroing down on) names from Indian literature to Greek philosophy(of which most of them started with Z), and also, critically assessing the names suggested by the rest of the naming team before discarding it.
As I'm driving, when I see some nice car passing by, I read the names written on the rear glass. Read it aloud. Read it few more times and syllabically different each time. As I sip coffee, I very keenly ask…

An article from TOI - Srirangam: Gateway to Heaven

So, after a long break, the newspaper boy surprised us by delivery the newspaper(TOI) one wintry morning. The below is one of the article of that day's TOI's edition.
Srirangam: Gateway to Heaven To devotees, particularly Vaishnavites, the Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangam near Trichy in Tamil Nadu is their sacred gateway to heaven.

Among the 108 temples in south India that are of utmost importance to Vaishnavites, Srirangam tops the list. Here, Vaishnavai saint Godha Devi is believed to have merged with the idol and attained salvation. According to legend the idol rose up from the celestial Milky Ocean. It is a large, monolithic black statue of Vishnu, reclining on Adisesha, the divine serpent. It was received by Brahma and left in his custody till Vishnu as Rama gave it to Vibheesana, the noble brother of the slain demon king Ravana.

Vibheesana wished to carry it back to Sri Lanka. Rama told him that it was not to be placed down under any circumstances. Vibheesana …

Leave a comment, please :)

Out of usual curiosity, I want to know who's visiting this blog. If you could add a comment to this post, that would make me smile :)

Thanks! /bye Me!

P.S. I've added special icons to woo you into posting a comment. :)
Afterthought... (added later) The number of comments isn't even 1/5th of the number of visits I have. Now this is a lilll annoying...

You are welcomed but I won't invite :)

Few friends and people asked me ( yep, the two are two different categories),why I own a blog and don't publish about it. I used to reply "You may be right, but I have my own reason for doing or not doing something". I felt that answer is more than enough.
Today, I feel like writing about it.. (I already have a hint that I'm going to tag this post under - I have nothing to write but I write :P) First of all, I don't like the concept of "automatic notification" being sent to the friends. You sneeze in your blog, there goes a mail to your friend. I consider it no more than SPAM. (No matter how important you are to that person). If they are really interested to know, they'll find out a way, no? ( what says about Subscriptions?)
But people are people and they very rightly have the next query on the tip of the tongue. They ask- So, when you have no intentions of publishing it or letting people know about it, why do you own a blog? Why don't you maintain…

So when I was travelling

to Hyderabad in a bus(after what a year?!), a lady sitting next to me stepped in to start up a conversation.The lady - "Which college?" Me flatteringly - "I finished my studies. I am working" The lady - "Oh so did you join very recently" Me with all smiles "I've been working for 4 years" The lady - "Is it?" with slight surprise which can't be ignore Later the lady continued on how she wanted to finish her degree but couldn't because of early marriage and a kid (Reminds of Balika Vadhu?)
I after reaching Hyderabad, had to finish few tasks in different places. I usually avoid autos. It's either my bike, bus or cab. But as any of them weren't available right away, I took the same auto to commute all along.
Later having done with my work, I boarded another bus back to my home town. A lady sitting next me starts a conversation. And then the history repeats. :D ( Just for the record, I don't use Santoor :P . Currently its N…

Till death do us apart...

I would remember every awesome, awful moments we had buddies! :D
And hence this post goes to all the people whom bear me, namely - my BEST FRIENDS!
When I had a running nose( someone like you mentioned , I have cold for just 365 days of a year), my hankie got overloaded. And when I desperately needed to clean my nose, you look around and after finding none, very reluctantly give forth your tee's sleeve. :D I miss it.
When she tried to inquire why I'm always being pampered by you and that inquiry turns into a nasty talk about me(God! they were so jealous. Yep they had to be!) , they experienced the bitter side of your sweet tongue. When I knew about this through another friend, the exuberant me giggled from inside. I miss it.
You made yourself doubly sure that the B'day gift would reach me on time and for this you sent the gift through someone. Well, you still keep cursing that forgetful friend for giving the gift on the next day. I miss it.
We couldn't meet(correction - t…

Kar Salaam - in Zune at random

So, when I was browsing through my Zune, I came across this song. "Kar Salaam" from "Life in a Metro". I usually skip when I come across a song which I haven't heard or doesn't make animpression within 5 seconds of playtime(sometimes 5 seconds is too much of time). But this one made me listen, replay, rewind, fwd until I got it by heart. Yep I mugged up this song :) . So next time you meet me please ask me to sing this song :) . And if you are someone who already know how I sing ( that is not missing the beat, drums, flute guitar parts, because that is how I mug up) you wouldn't want to miss it. :D
The link to the song. (Source: Youtube)

I am glad I possess this song along with other 1651. Me!
P.S. I should learn a song a day. It it so much fun to have a competition with the player, missing few words, cursing the player for getting it right, rewinding and starting all over again. Yep. Its good.

Going in a win win way

Lately,  the employees of the company I work in started moving out to "explore new opputunities" and few of my friends at the workplace being no exception joined the tradition. I felt terrible when the first two left the company. X-|Yep, lets get this straight, to earn - you work, to work - you know what you need( which definetely doesn't include friends even in the P2 list or does it?). But then that's the pragmatic side of it, and at the end,  you don't want people you like to leave. Right? ( I remember, as a kid, when my loved relatives'(who I can count on single hand) visited us, I hid their footwear(whatever it is) or bag or anything I felt would cause a blocker, as soon as I sensed that they are about to leave :P ) So, to avoid myself from creating a blocker here ( let me confess, I bribed one of my friends to not leave, didn't help though :( ), I started thinking this way. They leave - They are going for better. So, you have a reason to be happy too…

The Soulmate

Soooo, typically, this is how it goes.
Layer 1 A girl and a guy see each other. If the fondness is mutual, they get to know about it(If you've liked someone you'd know this is true). They start talking to each other. Yep and then meet and talk and meet and talk. The girl thinks, there couldn't be anyone better than that guy and the guy.. not sure. They try to do anything(going out of way sometimes, actually, most of the times) to please each other. This continues.

Layer 2 The girl being little pretty is being asked for the hand by people in the community. The grandmother says to the girl "He is in UK. Earns in lakhs and has bought a home" . The girls shuns the thought off saying "Earns well and owns a home!. wow! Good for him. But I'm not interested". The grandma does stop trying. The girl on the other hand proudly denies and so very sure about whom she is going to be with, rest of her life.

Layer 3 You didn't pick up my call!! (I'm sure you can g…

Take it easy. Take it light.

We the people are on this everlasting and never ending endeavour of making life complicated. The life, in the meanwhile passes on,  as they say, life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. We take things in life too seriously than they deserve. In this race of being the best, getting the best we tend to ignore the thoughts of having peaceful life.Sit back, relax and think over, What is important in life to you? I did. And one important thing to me is, relations over petty grudges. And hence,  I started forgiving people. I stopped thinking about anything beyond good and positive about anyone. Yep too much of anything( which includes even good) isn't good, but then you would know where to stop the good and be neutral. And once you get  the basics like these(if you really understood what I meant above) straight, the rest is easy. Life gets easy.
- Uncomplicating life, Me
I have to get out of 'the phase' and hence this post.
Life has taken drastic changes in past few days which make me wonder every second day, "Is this all happening or am I dreaming?". Inception came to my mind. [no kidding.] If this is undone, would I try for this to not happen? I am still not sure about the answer. All I can do and I do now is, ask him to be peaceful atleast now.

My Wishlist for this year - the Status check

I wrote this post some 8 months back. Here the status of the action items.

1.12:00 AM in the midnight, sneak out of home. Drive to some nearest Kwality Walls Dabba wala, buy cone and drive back home eating the ice-cream. To do all this I need company. I am scared of darkness
{Can be done, there is still a chance}

2.Wake up on one bright Sunday morning, get the essentials done. Go out on shopping. Buy anything I feel like buying. Do the same for the entire day (literally). And and I don't have to pay the bill. (wow!)

3.Eating the most exotic food. Something I'm scared of trying.
{Can be done, right away. No worries}

4.Visit Seveth Heaven and Sixth Element!
{The chances are very thin, But yes}

5.Go on a 10 day trip/tour to Rajasthan. And also, blog about it.
{For a girl like you I think this is lil ambitious, but you can do this. Good Luck}

6.Capturing 12 most wonderful moments.
{Possible Possible}

7.A tiny winy tattoo(!) on my arm
{Wait a min, you go round the home to avoid an injection and…

All rise, here comes the prince

The prince all of 20 months old, graces us by staying in the home almost for the entire day.You are supposed to leave the doors open ajar as the prince may want to enter and leave the kingdom as he wishes. He glances at his favorite sofa. Its the cue for the person to get up. You don't want to? Sure, please do it at your own risk. His Majesty likes to watch the TV by standing 2 inches away from it. And the people around are supposed look at his bum. He also cleanses the sofa, floor..etc.. with his holy water. If I complain, he goes and complains to my! mom!. If you have a chocolate, the roles are swapped. Prince changes to a follower.
All said, he has THE MOST CUTEST SMILE :) and BIG EYES and TOOTHLESS GRIN :) And hence nothing he does really bothers me much.(sometimes :P)


Obsessed FB

Did you ever notice 'Get Connected' segment on your FB page! ? This is what it has -
Get Connected
Who's on Facebook? Find your Friends
Who's not on Facebook? Invite them now
Who's here because of you? (The winner!) Track your invites
Connect on the go Try Facebook mobile
Why do you haunt me like a ghost, stay away!

Aisha? Aaila

Aisha or Aaisha. When Im in such uncertainity I contact my Google. This movie isn't worthy of such toil.
Aisha - the beetle girl who's wholesome ambition of the day is to spend thousands of plastic money in which ever way possible. Oh yeah, she does event management. But then why does her father cry over paying her credit card bill.

Karan - Spared. you did your job.

Misc - family and friends( whom she carries around as tails, yes yes literally)

Aisha character - not sure. even her after realization character seems so very pathetic. its like she has given up and is faking to be nice whereas she is supposed to have realized the true meaning of love and friendship.

The movie stood on a single leg called Abhay Deol.

I didn't put money, but next time I would rather gaze into space than watch such movie.


P.S. I wish my father had loads(add 13 more S) of money too.

The Conflict

between kind and cruel.

why does one , nope I am not concerned about anyone... So why do I have to be Kind and good and nice. I want to be bad and cruel and rebellious. Don't people estrange you?(They do, Experimental proven by Me!, Let me know if you need more details.) Because that is how I like to be.

Nevertheless, there is a difference betweeen what I am and what I want! to be. To be the way I want to be, I have to put in a lot of extra effort. But if I don't be the way I want to be , and I be what I am, I'm taken for granted for everything by everyone.

So you say strike the balance? Nope, striking the balance is not what I am or what I want to be. I can't keep calculating at each point whether to be kind or cruel. My coin have only two sides.

{scratching my head on how to end this post}


{and the lazy in me says, Don't waste your resources. Niether in this post nor in trying to be something, just go with the flow}

I am bound to agree.

Scribbling something just f…

All I can say is "God Bless him with the best"

There were a rows of vehicles parked near a building, mine being one among them.
I entered the building and having remembered that I forgot something, I went back to my bike, took out what I needed and entered the building.

After a two hours after being done my business I left the place and was approaching my bike.
I had a hint that I was missing something. My bike keys. I just started backtracking mentally to the places I've been to. Just then a man approaches me and says "are these your keys?"

I thanked him wholeheartedly which doesn't in anyway equal to the action he did. He's been waiting there for more than 2 hours just to return my bike keys. He could have used those keys to take out my wallet my credit card and 'precious hard earned' driving license and come-on the bike itself!
I stared at him with a huge smile for 2 minutes with sheer astonishment. He didn't look back at me though. I wanted to ask him out for lunch.( I thought that lil too much and…

going on all time low...

I don't like failing in anything I do. Because I camouflage myself with a mere layer of confidence and that layer vanishes just after a failure(no matter how minor or unimportant that is) which comes even after I've put my best. I therefore start going on a low note too scared to do anything.
This has always been a trend with me. To regain my confidence, no mentoring or no nice actions from the people around me would help, unless I do something worth being proud of myself(which is winning).
The failure sometimes is not just due to incomplete or lack of preparation but also due to the pressure that mounts and overtakes me, the pressure of my family and friends expecting me to be nothing but the best. The last time I had this feeling was when I got an apparently low score for my GRE, I even had a coach too.(there are few of my friends who are doing their MS with a score lesser than me). But since I missed the expectations I felt terrible! I've appeared for GRE the second time.…

The Prodigal Daughter's excerpts.

Richard - American.
Sir Colin - English
After closing a business deal..
Sir Colin - "By the way, congratulations on that moon chappie"
"What?" said Richard
"You've put a man on the moon"
"Good heavens"said Richard
"No, not quite,' said Sir Colin , 'but I'm sure that's what NASA has planned next'.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Florentyna: But you still owe me fifteen million and fifty six dollars
Where did the fifty six come from? said Richard
From our San Francisco days, You've never repaid me that fifty six dollars I lent you before we were married
You said it was a dowry
No, you said it was a dowry. I said it was a loan.
Later the next day, Florentyna recieves a gift and a card..

I hope that this will be acceptable security until I can return the fifty-six dollars, plus interest -Richard Kane
The gift is a diamond brooch.

There are more like these for every couple of pages throughtout the book, but are interrelat…

Three mistake of my..

last week( not sure how people end up making only three mistakes in a 'life'time)

1. Never Never drown the bike again.
2. If I lose my temper, its good if I put it to myself. People don't need it.
3. Dont remember the third one. umm, should be forgetfulness... (I think)

Edited to add: 2 refers to a not so polite mail written in rage to a particular professional.
Strike 2: ........

After strike 2, I have only one request to The Creator.
Next time when you mould me (if at all you have any plans as such), please make sure to include 2 full cups of Patience. You somehow forgot to include this crucial ingredient this time.
That alright, but please don't repeat.

The Printer's Assault

Yes I agree. You write the best code and yes you test it in the best possible way, You people are gems of mankind. But lets get few basics straight.
A printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copyof documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies. (Source: Wiki)

1. Which also means to collect a printout you should not only stare at the output tray but also give a glance if the input paper tray is empty. If you find it empty, you don't have to be Einstein's incarnation to realize that it needs to be refilled.

2. Accumulating all your energies at your palm and thrashing the printers doors does not give an extra dark print. Unfortunately, the toner doesn't get your palm language.

3. When the printer screams and screeches it means that there is definitely something wrong. So again instead of staring at the box lets do some action.

4. Yep I can always help you with your printer( that is what I'm being paid for) but please…

Happy Indepedence Day!

Happy Independence day.
Suraj ek, Chanda ek, taare anek,a short film which depicts that unity is strength. If not for the message lets watch this for the memories it brings back. Ek Anek

A simple post..

and its various reactions

nice, but who is this 'R' Kallu?

Hey why din't you call me when you were not feeling well?

Hey I loved your post, put it back. I'm giving you only a minute to do so( I've made the post offline few hours after posting it, this was the reaction for that action)

No reaction

There is definitely something fishy.... ( I know you can't come up with anything better. So yes, its not only fishy its sharky)

As for me, I am disappointed with few of my friends.

Movie and Movie

violent,evil, wild, fiercesome movie which is of no good. I hate this movie and also anything/anyone who is even remotely related to it. I felt sick after watching this super senseless and stupid movie.
A brave lady in the past life burries a evil man alive (?) (wow, I don't remember much, God bless my memory). Then in the incarnation/rebirth she destroys him completely.It would have been good if its only this simple. But no, the director/screenplay writer make this as senseless as it can be by adding all types and varities of voilence which can be executed on a woman. And the people were like, oh wow, thats such a great movie blah blah. Watever. please , watever.

Its a simple love story(I think I can say this). It doesn't deserve such blunt criticism. The lead actors just played they part perfectly. If it wasn't only for the juggle between multiple languages and the hindi subtitles in the smallest possible font, I would have added this movie to my favourites…

Kane & Abel's Jeffrey Archer

"See! this is why I love Jeffrey Archer " is what I kept evidencing myself when something surprising happens in the book as I read on.
Two different life of two amibitous people entwined with ease in a story which lasts for sixty years.The twists with right timing and the right torque made the book as 'cantputdown'.

I don't want to accept this but but, I am unhappy just a bit (just tiny bit). William Kane who was so agile,shrewd at 16 to 20 should have been better at 35, isn't? And same is for Abel. As time grew does the smartness fizz off? I say this because, even when I could guess whats coming up if I did certain thing, why didn't the Harvard student forsee it?
But lets not think about this trivial disagreements for the book was amusing and there was happy ending(a +).

Reading Prodigal Daughter(the sequel)

1 and 2 and 3 and 4

4 years of evolving, 4 years of passion.
Professional, I'm sure I wasn't any better.
Personally, I've transformed to a different person totally. I used to be a 22 years kid. Now I feel I am 30-35.


Pursuit of Happiness..

The story of a salesman with a staggering career,who after his wife left opted to take care of his son. The string of hurdles, the closed doors and yet at the end happiness pursues him :)

the lines I like -
... the next day after work we went to a beach. Away from anything and everything... Away from the worries which go in my ten galleons of brain.

Can I say something? Um, I'm the type of person that if you ask me a question and I don't know the answer, I'm gonna tell you that I don't know. But I bet you what, I know how to find the answer and I will find the answer.

Son: Knock Knock
Dad: Who's there?
Son: Nobody
Dad: Nobody who?
Son: Silent
Dad:Nobody who?
Son: doesn't respond
Dad: Ha! thats a good one :) :)


P.S. Even this movie didn't help me in lifting my mood.

Thank you.

.....My lead/boss was on long leave, leaving me as the point of contact. And on a certain day, I was overwhelmed with the things I had to take care. R comes along and says "Too much to handle?". I was like - How did he sense this?. I just looked at him, supressing my surprise and got back to my work a three seconds later.

.....I was down with fever,alone in my home. No one to take care of me or take me to hospital. My the then manager(R) says over the phone "You want me to take you to hospital?"

.....My terms with my manager(a different one) weren't going well. There was some friction between us which was almost like a stone in the shoe for me. I didn't like the environment. I was pissed off. I broke out. R knew about the broke out part through another friend. And again another surprisingly relieving reaction.

.....With the recent events taking place at my workplace, people started looking out for other oppurtunites. I was playing blind. Why? Because personall…

Lil Nightmarish

A joke was cracked and I was laughing out loud. A person 'R' sitting aroud me noticed this and came over.

R: Friday is your last working day
Me: ??
R: Today is Wednesday and Friday is your last working day. You have two options 1. You can either go to China? 2. or you can leave the company
China because- This is place where the calculations about who should stay with the company and who would stay out of the company is done.
I wanted to ask, are you going to pay for the fares?
Me: (did a quick processing about how much it would take to go to China and the ROI) Thats ok, I won't go to China
R: I am doing Sprint planning. If you want I can include you in this project
Me: You've asked me to leave once, So I would leave
R: Okay. Do you have any questions?
Me: (I thought for sometime, looked up to the speaker and asked )I don't have to fill up my MITs now right?

Of all the fears and things chasing me, and of all the things I'll have to worry if I don't have a job, writin…

!Expectation != !Disappointment

By which I mean to say , even if you have no expectation, few people do possess a rare attribute of disappointing you anyway.

The TV show Avatar - The Last Airbender was one of the shows my sis insisted me on watching. On persuading one my friends K, I got all the Books (Book1 - Water , Book2 - Earth, Book3 - Fire). I started loving Aang, Katara, Sokka instantly, Sokka being my favorite. I was sad the day I finished all the chapters. I tweeted, FB-ed about it :( . I thought there is atleast the movie to look forward to.. :)

Alas, the movie was a big disappointment( actually disappointment is the best humble word I could think of) and the reviews were full of rotten tomatoes. But being a fan of The Last Airbender, I dared to watch it and with absolutely no expectations.

Alas again, I found it no more than a rip of the most entertaining TV series, like a gag made to defame it.

No, its not the way 'the Avatar' should be introduced.
Yes, background score could have fetched you lesser r…


when I am around certain people,(namely R( my cousin), C( my younger sis), M( my friend)) the usual me( which is pro proactive) start to dimish and then a new me arises, where in the laziness goes to saturation and starts oozing.


Until a week ago...

Me: Lets go to cafeteria, I am hungry
Mrig: Bas ye ek bug katam karlu, phir chelenge.
Me: You always have something to do only when I am hungry
Mrig: Bas dho minute ha, main atahu tumare desk pe..

To present..

Location : Our office cafeteria..
Actors: Me and Mrig
Scene: The usual (which is me munching and Mrig giving up on me after ordering me a 100th time to avoid the the thing I am eating)

Mrig: "I'll tell you something If only you promise me to not beat me unto death"
Me: I Very casually, mouthfully replied "Go ahead"
Mrig: I'm leaving.
And here ladies and gentlemen the tantrums started.
I Stopped eating samosa.
Moved away the biscuits which were in the queue next to a creamroll
Shouted "Who gave you the permission"
"Get out I am not talking to you"
Started hitting the floor with my feet like a kid who was just denied her ice-cream
Mrig: Listen yaar, please don't do this
Me: Silence.. which lasted for almost a …

Pause. Sort out. Move on...

I get upset with no much effort from anyone or anything.
For one, I can't handle trouble when it lands upon me without prior notice. And hence I be too agile and keep looking for the slightest hint of trouble.
I feel its my responsibility to take the load of my family at home and my team at work. I feel so very obliged about everyone and everything around me that, even when I'm driving I go out of my way to give way to the one behind me so that they can pass away soon( he's honking too much, may be he has something more important,)
I take more than what I can possibly handle and then because I take more than what I can possibly handle, I miss my expectations. Added to this, I curse myself for missing the benchmark. I expect too much from me when the outcome does good to others.(Its quite the opposite if the outcome benefits me).
And the amalgamation of all the above mentioned reason makes me upset rather frequently.
The tiny spring of upset when rendezvous with my thoughts…


X: That is going to be a surprise
Me: oh why? but thats totally okay with me! I love surprises
X: Btw, tell me a number , that is the number of surprise gifts you get.
Me: (After pondering for few seconds) 99
X: What? 99! how can you do that?!
Me: :-D :-D and no repetitives.
X: I wouldn't even if you ask.
.... .... after few minutes

Me: chalo, tell me what is number 1 of the list of 99
X: do you understand what a surprise means?
Me: No no just a hint.
X: Go check you dictionary baby.

All I do when I have time now is, think what these 99 are going to be.

Mystical Sufi

To the recent visit to Crosswords, I've got a Sufi Music ACD - The very best of Soulful Sufi( I know impressive name)
The list-
Shukaran Allah
Zindagi Ye
Chaandan Mein
Teri Justajoo
Iktara(Male) so different from the one in "Wake up Sid" (different in a good sense btw)
Dil Ibaadat
Teri Deewani
Ek Lau
Bandya Fast
Allah Ho
Ha Raham Mehfuz
Tere Bin Nahin Lagda
Ali Maula Ehsaan
Tu Hi Haqeeqat Sajni
Chaap Tilak
Noor UI Allah Noor

............ and lots more....

I think those few bucks were well spent.

With my sony earphones its all day Sufi today.


P.S. I finally wrote something!!!!

4 Books

Making up time, I've been on reading spree from past few weeks.

Where girls dare - Bhavna Chauhan.
Stupid Cupid - Mamang Dai
Trust me - Rajashree
Anything for you ma'am - Tushar Raheja

Where girls dare - Bhavna Chauhan

The brief of the book -
So cadets, how’s the morale?’‘High Sir!’ we boys and girls screamed in unison.‘Should we tighten your training?’‘Yes sir, give us more!’‘Good!’ he said. Then whispered to the chief instructor, ‘Tighten their discipline.Toughen their schedule. I’ve never seen such happy cadets. This is not a party!’

Honestly, the above mentioned one and few other good bits are what you would appreciate in this book. And thats it. After the first few chapter, the book turns into something which you can predict. But they are few situation where you can relate to the girls, though not being a LC( lady cadet).
But Bhavna, When did girls dare. ? Though the LC grew up to be tough and stood up to the expectation, I surely missed the daring part. You don't mean toughn…

The world has gone unhinged and the people are heedlessly fiddling around.

everything has become a business and only business. Its only money.
I'm a politician and I mustn't be bothered about anything until I get my share of the filth I love to dig in.
I'm a doctor and I shouldn't really be bothered about anything as long as I keep my patients heathly sick and cure once and mess them twice.
I'm a store owner, my big AC-ed store permits me to sop up people.
I'm a social servant, and yes I am asked not to be bothered.
I belong to the media. My job is show everything said above and my job is also to interpolate. Thats it! I leave the rest the leaders and social servants.
I'm a common man, who deligently pays the taxes and if isn't asking too much of you, for once, just do what you are supposed to do.

The Fairy Tale Ending

... You might find me adoring/watching/reading any dully dumb or uninterestingly boring movie/book just because it ends with an "and they lived happily ever after."
Yep, I looooooove happy endings.(specially when the "they" here are a lovely couple) and Yep I looooooove love stories.( But strangely I didn't really like "Love Story- Erich Segal", yes I have reasons, but later. now its time for love)
How many of you have seen License to wed? You didn't? Then, avoid. But me, I would halt this post here and run to the TV if I knew ... you know...
Ben, procrastinates the task of writing the vows in his vow book, which they are supposed to be reading out on the wedding day. Saddie frustrated by this and more, calls off the wedding and leaves to a place which she planned to go on a honeymoon after the wedding.
Ben, reaches the place, calls her up and asks her to look down through the window. Ben who forgets to get the vow book, writes the vows on the sand. S…

The ads that made an impression

On a Sunday afternoon, I for a change had nothing to brood about (!). People who've been watching me past few months must have been awed by this. But yes, there were no open processing threads in there.

But this didn't last for too long. I after watching this programme "Storyboard- edited by Anuradha Sengupta", was thinking about the ads thats made an impression. There are a quite few. But here's the list of first five, few of which are from my childhood days.
1. Dhara Jeelebi Ad You say Dhara, the next word that comes to me is Jeelebi with appropriately the same tone as the kiddo. And to this day, I love jeelebis. Thanks to this sweet ad.
2. The healthy oil for healthy people Whenever I watched this ad, I used to stare at those large gulab jamoons, wondering how did they make such big things.3. Hamar Bajaj4. Cadbury DairyMilk and this 5. Doodh hai wonderful I'm not really fond of milk. But if I have to, I sing this to myself and it does the trick.6. One black c…
This is conversation between me and Brad(Developer(at Mountainview)of a feature I work on)

Day1 ( actually Night1) Time 10:23 PM IST
Brad: Kalyani, Can I propose that you just confirm that my testing is correct? This is going to be quite involved if you have never setup.
( I see this as great offense especially to QA like me, about whom I think of very high :D)

Me: Brad, I would give up if I could't setup the server until tomorrow morning.( I vouched to myself that I would stay up at office all night until I finished this, after all QA ki Izzat ka sawal hai bhai)

I finished setting up the environment by 1:30 AM. Told Brad the same.

Brad: Awesome!

Night 2 Time 9:30 IST
The fix broke, it didnt work, conveyed the same to Brad.
Me: Brad, can you please do the necessary change?
Brad: Ok, But then you will need to repeat the entire test.
Me: Thats ok Brad

after an hour or so

Brad: Just sent the fix
Me: Cool
Brad: Sorry
Me: No problem Brad. Things like these happen. (ahem, modesht me:) )
Brad: Thanks f…

e... r.... err? nope!

In a haste to quickly find out something, I hurriedly typed to be in an IE.
Whats next?
well o well, You find out and tell me?

The feeling that people think, Restored!


and today it creeps out graciously

I've been handling money( nope not the pocket money, the really hard earned :) money) from past 44 months.

The picture of me drawing money from an ATM for the first time is still in the memory archive :)

Going to ATM and drawing money was like fun, later there was drawing money but the fun part turned into a not really interesting task( you got to work really hard. Insert a card, type the pin, select the options..... sigh)

when the not really interesting view was on the verge to change to a boredom view, this struck me.. When I collect my cash, "I Never found/got a Rs. 1000 note!"

And then, the project started... only I know what all I did to get atleast a 1000.
I drew some(read as lots) of thousand on one day - I got a huge bundle of 500
I woke up early in the morning (to be the first greedy one to draw the money) so that I could get a 1000 - The ATM wasn't refilled yet. ( these people I tell you are very lazy)
My search continued...

And today...

I got to an …

Woman's Bill Passed Yay!

muhahaha! phew! it was tough man! :)
I know I really didn't do much , actually I didn't do anything for this to happen, but when I foresee the good coming in future times, I draw a smile :)

Go here for more!
let the celebrations begin!!

P.S. Now nothing can stop me from being a teacher of a government school ! :) (a good one though, I mean I am talking about me being a good teacher, you thought I was talking about good school na? , actually yes, I meant the school)

P.P.S. Did you notice the P.S part is longer than the actual post. oh you did not? muchi!(which is freeze in our lingo and you are not supposed to think P.S is longer now, because I said muchi before you realized)

Seriously, what did I just write?

The -

Now the dash I mean in the next few lines is not the same dash I meant in the title(to which we'll get back later)

Few days ago we had a company wide meeting called Dash, (the venue being Novotel Conference halls) where in you are usually supposed to be your's company patron and do the likely.

There were presentations from different department which showcased the past the present and the future plans. And in the course of meeting we were asked few questions from the presentations which went on.

At a certain question ..

Question by the VP : Mention a weakness and a strength of LM and PM presented in the SWOT (Strength, weakness, oppurtunities and Threats)analysis.

After a few seconds I shot up my hand ( now to be completely truthful, I haven't spoken in a mike for ... wait... when did I give mylast speech? yeah back in School in my 10th standard and so I wanted to speak in a mike then and there!)
I stood up and started with the answer like this.. Am um..
The VP then said yo…

Silk. The Ewww. The Wow!

Lets open it with the wow!

Silk, wrapped in a glossy wrap, is sweeter than its ancestors, ( fill this gap with superlative admirations) its more soft. Yum!
Its now quite mouthful with its thicker and wider blocks/cubes/pieces ( what else can you ask for :D )
Melts in the mouth! Even if you finish the chocolate, the taste stays with you to relish... mmmm
This is what a good chocolate-eater was waiting for.

Now the Ewww...

First thing first. There is no 5, 10, 15, 30 Rs Silk. You pay 49 you get it.
The first bite, and there (seriously!) I thought for a second I might choke to death.
To gulp in 50g of Silk you need approximately 300 ml of liquid(preferably water). And please note that the quantity of liquid to be consumed might vary depending on your threshold level for sweetness with softness. The over healthly fat blocks just make it more difficult for a good-chocolate eater.
And once you are done it, do make sure to check your sugar levels.

P.S: Just enjoy the ad you see in TV. Thats more inter…

and Disorders rule the bollywood.

Ok, was this there earlier or is it only now that bollywood-ies are more keen towards discovering the human disorders ?

Most likely it all started with Aamir Khan and Darsheel with Dyslexia in Taare Zameen Par. When the not-so-curious(I know it won an oscar, but honestly how many of us enjoyed the movie other than admiring the makeup artistry) Curious case of Benjamin Button was moving to history, Paa was getting ready in Bollywood. Paa's son has Progeria and there its a hit.

Lately Karthik Calling Karthik came up with Schizophrenia (split personality). And MNIK( you ask me how the movie is ? , thats a different story/post) portraits the story of Rizwan Khan( no the name wasn't changed after the Airport Authority-Shah Rukh Khan's encounter) has asperger syndrome and yep it did work for the movie.

So you go for a bolly movie, though the movie suffices the need of entertainment or not, you surely would get to know more about the human disorder arenas.( I Knew)


An excerpt from "Life of Pi"

My experience cues me not to usually, really be amused by any book which has won the author a Booker Prize or any Prize for that matter, but specially Booker Prize.

This book seems to be an exception. Few excerpts from the book.

Note: I love being lazy and anything remotely related to Lazy or laziness, and this can be why the below mentioned few lines struck me strong (doesn't really go with the Lazy in the same line :) )

I had the great luck one summer of studying the three-toes sloth in situ in the equatorial jungles of Brazil.It is a highly intriguing creature. Its only real habi is indolence. It sleep or rests on average twenty hours a day.Our team tested the sleep habits of five wild sloths by placing on their heads, in the early evening after they had fallen asleep, bright red plastic dishes filled with water. We found them still in place late the next morning, the water of the dishes swarming with insects. The sloth is at its busiet at sunset, using the word 'busy' her…

Paulo Coelho and me

I give up. Pardon me, but I can never understand what point does Paulo Coelho wishes to make through/in his books. I know I know he has a point, but why a big book when the story in that book in no way helps one(atleast me) to understand the point(!)?

When I started "The Alchemist", I did it with an optimistic mind that I'm going to for sure learn something.
And then, as I progressed, putting aside the learning part, I couldn't understand the previous line as I progressed through the next line.. lines turned to paras.. paras to pages but I was there - Blank.

When the feeling I got in my first encouter faded, I started with Veronika Decides to Die and the history repeated itself.


All said, he makes few fine and strong impressions through his words... like in Alchemist , its about chasing your dreams and being positive no matter whatever happens.

In Veronika... "Its always necesssary to have restraint madness"

I think just few notes like these make one to pi…

He's now on my bedside....

I saw him first during my visit to a Mall a year ago. But I couldn't make him mine, coz the universe was against me. Ever since then, I keep thinking of him and the fun I would have if he were with me.

Few months later today, I took a detour from my workplace and another detour to Crosswords. There I saw him again. He was in a perfect book with a perfect shape and price. Just as I wanted.

There I plunged and grabbed( there were 100 other copies too, but I wanted it to be lil dramatic) "The Essential Calvin and Hobbes - A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury"

As I got home, I stared at the book with excitement, smelled the new pages and took a deep breath :)

Now he's on my bedside and will always be :)

Cherishing my new owned treasure

My blog in Google search :-( :-)

Me typing in the Google search bar .. "Kalyani Haridasyam"
:( My facebook link ( thats its? my blog then? it has my name too. Whoat? you listed it somewhere in the 12th line of 56th page?? are you nuts? )

I want it in the first page!!!! yes only on the first page!!!

And so again...

Me typing in the search bar.. "Myths Mythoughts"
Bawwwwwww ( here imagine me as Calvin in this)

And yet again, rubbing my eyes and cleaning my running nose (Um, actually, I didnt have time to go and clean, just backtracked the running thing, gross ? 8-I that, I am, sometimes only)
me filled with vengance typed... "Myths Mythoughts dreamer"

Tada! there it is on the first page 2nd link

And then! I cooled down. If not, I.. I.. I would have changed the engine to a different and better one!

P.S : After this, i tried Bing just to cross check .Not seeing my blog atleast on the 4th! page made be realize never to Binge on Bing


12:00 AM in the midnight, sneak out of home. Drive to some nearest Kwality Walls Dabba wala, buy cone and drive back home eating the ice-cream. To do all this I need company. I am scared of darkness

Wake up on one bright Sunday morning, get the essentials done. Go out on shopping. Buy anything I feel like buying. Do the same for the entire day (literally). And and I don't have to pay the bill. (wow!)

Eating the most exotic food. Something I'm scared of trying.

Visit Seveth Heaven and Sixth Element!

Go on a 10 day trip/tour to Rajasthan. And also, blog about it.

Capturing 12 most wonderful moments.

A tiny winy tattoo(!) on my arm


Nope its not Resolutions its Realizations

When others are/were busy with taking resolutions for the new year, I lay back do a rewind and walk through what I realized in the last year.

$$ Nothing is more important than what you think is important to you.
$$ Heartfelt good wishes and blessings do come true!
$$ How much ever you try to make someone's life easy by trying to take all their worries, you won't be able to succeeded unless the other person wants the same too.
$$ A workplace is only a place to work( in double codes).
$$ If you want to celebrate, the day doesn't matter and if you don't want to celebrate, the day doesn't matter.
$$ Every problem has a solution, yes it does for sure. But if you don't find a solution to a problem then it means that its not a problem. Things are meant to be that way and you have to live on.
$$ Be selfish. (folks around me are forcing me to practice this)
$$ To do something you need a acknowlegdment just from yourself. ( Should have realised ages back, I'm a slow learner …


there is darkness around, a timid girl( who poses herself as strong) is walking and balancing herself on a thin rope. She has no option other than keep on walking on it in the darkness. As she moves on, she glances around to see if there is someone coming for her. She does the same for the every new step she takes and ends with disappointment. She encounters only darkness each time she looks around to see if there is a support coming towards her.And so she continues waiting and walking in the darkness,because she doesn't want to give herself any choice other than walking on the thin rope in darkness....

And, you are called a celebrity?

There is nothing wrong or it doesn't show that you haven't worked hard if you credit someone for what they deserve.
Reading the book and watching the movie some three years later, just makes me think that Chetan Bhagat deserves to be called as one of the story writers of the movie.

.... now this again takes me back to my ever pending post "who is a celebrity" ?

pa pa pa pa pa.... auro.... pa pa pa pa pa.... auro

Ironically its very tough to make a simple movie, and paa just falls in such simple category which people don't venture to try out.
Vidya( played by Vidya Balan) and Amol( played by Jr. AB) fall in love. Vidya later becomes the single mum of Auro( played by AB). Auro is just like any other normal kid with a genetic disorder( don't remember the name) . The story takes into account the fine details of a kid's mentality.AB does more that just stepping into a 12 yr old school going fun loving kid with his witty dialogues.. Vidya's performance as a single mother and a doctor was just super. I love the scene where Vidya explains to a lady in park who enquire about disfigured Auro. I didnt like much of Jr. AB other than that he potraits the model of the next gen honest politician.and then there is Auro grandma who justifies her part.
on the whole paa is a warm and heart felt movie.

p.s. If given a choice I would want to change the name to Maa.

Why just happy? Wishing a awesome!!! year ahead!!

when wishing, the other me asks me this

how would one know if its a new year or not if there weren't any dates? on a new year there wouldn't be 2 moons or 3 suns, its just like a any other normal day

why on the 1st day of the year people are excited about new year resolution? why are we waiting for the change in the last numerics of a date to take a resolution?

Why do people celebrate new year? why isn't there any celebration everyday?

why is it consider almost as a crime if you sleep early on 31st december?

I asked the other me to shut up and she had the new year resolution of making people happy and so no more.