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From Jage hai.. to Jai Ho

"Be there at AR Rahman live in concert on 24th Oct".

I just wanted to be there, I checked a portal to book tickets for movies and events) for the details and going to a musical show is soo much what I would love to do at these times. Just sit and hear great music from the greatest musician. Come on I don't think I would ever get a second chance!

Then, who would I go with now, I thought " I wish I was married" and he would be bound to come under any circumstances. Since that is not the case, I just let few of my friends know "I wish I could go for this :(" And when I was writing the mail I think I knew what was going to happen later.

After few days I settled at the thought that, lets leave it this next, but when ARR is here the next time I surely will have some company :) (touchwood)

And then a day before the show, we were just talking about the show. Later on one of my friends, then asked me if I want to join them for the show. I think tha…

Integrity, does it really matter for you?

When was the last time you dared to speak out a bitter truth, instead of pushing it under a lie?

When was the last time you spoke out for someone who at no fault was being abused in his/her absence in the presence of other people?

When was the last time you were genuinely what you are, rather than disguising under an attitude which really isn't yours?

When was the last time you stood for what you believed in?

When was the last time, you really were honest.

In my experience, I've seen people who are just bothered about the result and really don't care of the path taken to get it. They really happy.
And so I ask myself, does integrity matter at all?
For me, intergrity matters the most. Let it be a small thing like an extra change given by a vendor or an exam which decides your fate, I stand by intergrity. I might not get good results, but I wouldn't have respected myself so much if I compromised on my values.


Dillydally or Haste

I am always in a hurry to wake up, hurry to get ready to office, in a hurry to reach office, start work, go to lunch, finish lunch, finish work .. hurry in getting home, hurry in wrapping up few unfinished tasks,in a hurry to go to sleep and in a hurry to wake up for the next hastened day.
This is me in the weekend.
But in the weekends I am the Miss Dillydally, I wake up late, actually the point to be noted here is i don't feel like waking up at all, I don't feel like getting done with breakfast or anything for that matter. I drag myself against all my will and energies to survive on a weekend.

On a weekday my mind does a multi-tasking of multi-tasking, I can at the least thing about 4 things at a time. But when it is a weekend my brain refuses to function at all.

All I want is a non stop sleep, awesome movies to watch and yummy food to eat. I cease to think about anything beyond this.

Now, the whole point of stating this is, I niether want to be dillydally nor in haste. And I'…

See, this is why I want to become a businessman

Was the statement my friend gave with rather confident tone which would beat even that of a MBA graduate who graduated from the top listed university.

After sharing little about the work we've been doing over the week, my friend and I started to discuss about what's next.I want to start a business, my friend started off. oh! is it? then you trying to get into a B school?? I enquired. After thinking over this for few seconds, 'I don't think I have to" replied my friend. And to affirm, he continued with this....

I actually started business when I was in my 5th standard. I and my friends were playing marbles, and I earned marbles worth Rs. 5 and sold then for Rs. 10 and I want you to realize this is not an easy task. And that very day I resolved I want to become a businessman.

I just laughed out like crazy hearing this! "My god! you just have the most wonderful kick off!"

Its not just the story he told me which is interesting , but his confident and innocent to…

Its all about right and easy...

When the going gets tough, tough gets going. When you feel clastrophohic and suffocated inside a dark room just desperately waiting to get out.
Suddenly you see a door open with light beckoning you. Just you. This is the easy path, way for you to get out and be happy leaving the rest.
You go by the easy path and be happy or hang on and wait for the right door to open. You need to make a choice between what is right? and what is easy?
I for many times being a lazy girl was tempted to take the easy path. But then the thought of happiness of the rest of the loved ones washed it away, just to wait for the right path.

I think this is what life is, its all about the right and the easy.