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Nidhare kala ainadhi,kalaye nijamainadhi

Surya s/o Krishnan is a simple awesome movie featuring pure emotions and most significantly the love and respect of a son for his father.
As I was watching the movie I wasn't looking at Surya, Surya(younger), Simran, Sameera Reddy... I was watching Krishnan, Surya, Malini and Meghna... I don't think I would ever forget these names or their acting which brought up a movie in which almost every scene touched my heart truly....

The son Surya, who is always inspired by his father Krishnan to do what he wants to do, does what he wants to do. Be it crossing miles to confess his love, or his desire to join the army, the father is always, there for the son...with the son.

Mentioning about the makeup which is not too loud just add more to the character and enhancing the character why in the first place makeup is made.

The music, Monna kanipinchaavu- when Krishnan confess his love to Malini, Egise Egise- showing the triumph of a teenager, the feeling of triumph over the world, Naalone ponge…