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Happy Mother's Day Mamma!

Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful moms! [ Chorry I'm little late :-) ]
Mother, the most wonderful thing that happens to everyone :-) ( see I'm smiling cheek to cheek)
Mom, your first lover
Mom, your first critic
Mom, your first best mate
Mom, your ever loving admirer ( I want to hear my mom say "see I think you should shed few pounds")
My amma, is the most wonderful mom in the world( My eyes are shining with glitter of happiness). And for sure you would feel the same about your mom :-)I'm proud of the way my mother brought us up. I'm proud of the confidence she built in us which helps us telling her anything anyday. I'm proud of the values she inbibes in us. I'm proud of amma!! She has to tune herself to the frequency of her kids. And we being four girls!!, she had to maintain multiple frequencies :-D. It might be the same doubt from any of her kids, but the answers aren't same you see ;-) . The way she controls her kids with those remote sign…