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Pampering The Lazy In Me :D

I solemnly swear that I am a lazy person..
But but... I am not pampering The Lazy in Me... The crime is done by none other than my sweet best friends!! ( Thats outrageous isn't it)

Let it be a recharge of phone in the midnight or lending money on the month end... or or driving me home on their busy day or you know what this is an unexhaustive list..

Don't ask me why? because I shall not answer why My Frnds strike to me as soon as something strikes me!

Sometime back... I was asked my Phone number... I started off..
9849166... "Ahem" "Ahem"
( and I had to hush up )"Its actually.. **********... I changed my number very recently so you see the old number is just on the tip of my toungue."

p.s. : the number i was trying to tell was one of my frnds'

Magic.. sometimes its here..sometimes in air...

Why do we feel special about someone...Why do we feel so pleased when we talk to that certain someone ... Why do we feel we've known each other for ages.. Why do you feel that you love each other's company...

and then....

Talking to the person... is just like talking to anybody else.. and the company doesn't make any difference to your solitude...

the Magic...sometimes in here.. sometimes in air...