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My attempt to Moon...

I've never done any kind of transactions or application processings in any bank, other than sitting on a bench, swinging my legs and waiting for my father until he's done with his business.
The time passed and here I am
To strengthen the cliche that national banks are more secure I ventured out to open an account in any national bank.
Presenting to you the details of encouter. :)
As I walked into the bank, I scanned the office for a "MAY I HELP YOU" board. Little dissapointed, I continued by interrupting a busily chatting person(who was supposed to be helping the customers)
me: can you tell me where can I get the application to open a new account
no response
me: excuse me
Him : (with "how dare u interrupt me" look ) yes
Me: where is accounts opening section
Him: you want to open an account here
me: yes, where should I be going?
Him: to ge the application form, you need to show the proof of your identity ID.
I showed him my passport
Him: ok, you can take the form , …

What to blog ?

Long time i didnt write anything on my blog, the reasons
- i wanted to write about lot of things
- i didnt find the best fractions
- busy with work , the last and the most important one..
- i am a lazy libran

Then one morning at work,I too nauseated with the amount of work i've been doing very recently, opened my laptop and a notepad. Lets write!

What to blog? lots of random topics grilled my brain...
started with one ... could satify myself .. moved to other and then the same..
finally came to the point.... asking myself why do people blog?
i do because i like talking, i like reading and hence writing too..

Coming back to What to blog?
What do people want to convey through a blog

(choose the correct answers)

they are too exicted and want to share everything and anything!
they are good at english and vocabulary and therefore....
they are lonely and hence wanted to vent out they thoughts through a blog
they want to say things they can't share
they want to educated their readers and fellow blogg…